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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 9,014

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Merle Saunders - Jerry Garcia - Live at the Keystone - Positively 4th Street. 1972

Music - 1968-1972 was unbelievable....had to have been there...


Dead - 1972 - Europe, Frankfort, WG - Going Down the Road....


Appreciate Bill Kreutzmann please. Nobody kept a beat like Bill. Nobody, not Charley Watt's, not Levon Helm. Bill played to Jerry....this song really shows it.....the best that they were, but no Pigpen? Actually, this is the song that showcases everyone....

Lou Reed - Sweet Jane - 1984


Saw him in 75 at the Boston Gardens...show great, bathrooms, not so much.

Satellite Of Love - 9/25/1984 - Capitol Theatre (Official)


Dude was awesome....so the show in 75 at the old Boston Gardem........

Anyone here?

Sound off faithful DUers!

Dave Bromberg - 2019?

"I Belong to the Band"


Bromberg and Koukonen were disciples of the Rev. Gary Davis....

Lou Reed

A Deadhead that glommed on Lou when he left NYC.


Dave Bromberg and the Band - 1975 - Jelly Jaw Joe

If you watch one great B&W musical video back in 1975....watch this one. Bromberg at his best.....so was the whole bunch.


Jelly Roll Morton and the Red Hot Peppers - Smoke House Blues

yeah, he got it back then........


But, I think Morton would have jumped to play with Wynton Marsalis


3 Justices, 10 House Members, and 10 Senators will change this country

in the way it has to.... be the country of all people that believe in the idea. As a white guy, we should be past White Supremacy because I know there are lots of non-white people so much smarter than I am. I'm 68 and I learned this lesson 40 years ago..


Like Prine, we lost a great one in Walker.....
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