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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 6,930

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Why didn't Leon Redbone and Hot Tuna collabtatate

The new Lev tapes reaffirm what we know.

Nothing has changed, but more evidence will continue to validate the Democratic point - this man is unfit to be POTUS.

Who is the Trump tool on Joy?

He's getting stuffed majorly by the people on her show (2 Republicans that are Never-Trumpers). It was a delight to watch. Joy contained him as best as you can when some is infected with the Trump virus.

MSNBC reporting that Warren got the Des Moines Register's endorsement.

Showed her doing a little "happy dance" on receiving the news. Cool, I can support her.

Question on Catalytic Combusters for Consolidated Dutchwest Woodstoves

I've got 2 stoves in my house (down stairs in my cellar and upstairs in my LR) that are the same size. They are both over 30 years old and have the original combusters. I've located replacements, but my questions are-

How easy to install? I think there are 4 bolts that attach the top surface and, if removed will expose the combuster. Correct?

How much more heat value will I see with new combusters?

Any feedback appreciated.

Aren't you glad Trump is President while the coronavirus continues to explode?

His first thought....how can I profit off this?

Adam Schiff laid it out in pretty stark terms.

Standing O both sides. McConnell looks like shit.

So what will the Republican response be?

Maybe they will play Trump bits that tell us it's all ahoax. There is no other evidence that is exculpatory for trump.

Looking Back - Bill Clinton's budget priorities in 1992

The man forced the GOP to approve his budget.....and 24MM new jobs were created. Clinton-Gore issued in the internet age (for good and bad), but it drove the best decade of middle-class in the 90's.

Bill worked with the UN and we kicked ass on the fascists in Kosovo. No Americans lives were lost and Gen. Wesley Clark fought a smart war that shut down the first Russian foray into post Soviet nation states.

On edit: forgot the link

https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/reports/2011/10/28/10405/power-of-progressive-economics-the-clinton-years/hen the Republicans impeached him for a blowjob with a consenting adult.

An idea on enhancing candidate fundraising on DU.

Not sure, but maybe GD is a good place for exposure to the DU admins.

Could code to the site software be developed that would automatically hyperlink the names of all Democrats and Republicans in Congress are posted? Limited to those that are up for re-election this November?

Hyperlink of Republican names activates an info bubble that goes to his Democratic opponent with a brief bio/pic and link to his/her Act Blue donation page.

Hyperlink to Democrats do same as above.

Should these hyperlinks be available to non-logged in readers? Seems like a smart tactic. DU could work with Act Blue so DU gets credit (totals generated from this site). How much has been raised for each candidate, number of transactions. In turn, DU could publish this data on a separate block on the home page as a tracker (no comments).

The work OmahaSteve has done with his daily ActBlue report is truly appreciated. But I think we could generate more candidate contributions by providing hyperlinks to the general audience who may not post here, but read it daily.
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