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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,696

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Danko. Hudson....Twilight

If I could ask Arlo Guthrie one question.....

would his dad appreciate this interpretation? I think yes.


I hope there is some serious researcch done on Trump's 70MM voters.

I wonder how many of these voters were 1st or 2nd timers? Young vs. old? Income/Educational level. I think 1/3 of his votes were Trump only. They loved his rallies! He's the Truthteller! They won't bother with races that don't have Trump on the ballot.

What intel might still be in the hands of people holding it tight since 1/2017?

And might not being made available to shred before 1/2021? I think there will be a firehose of proof of Don's kompromat with the Russians. I really think Trump is "all in" on doing whatever it takes to remain in power, cuz' he's got a whole lot more to lose than the Office.

Did you notice........

the lack of mandatory ego polishing that the Biden team noted in their remarks? A brief thanks to Biden for picking them, but way more focused on their backgrounds and plans.

It's like Joe doesn't need public displays of fealty because he is secure in his own person. Nice to have a confident man rather than a con man in charge.

Can a President pardon himself for criminal negligence in the deaths of 200,000 Americans?

Asking for at least 80MM Americans......

Lawrence O'Donnell is solid tonight.

Emily, time to not follow orders...

The Republicans are going to lose in this election debacle.

We will be explaining to the Rubes how they were conned over the next 4 years. Meanwhile more of us will die off, but new voters will replace us. And they won't vote this Anti-election Party.

Regarding anti-vaxxer's and the Covid-19 vaccine.

When the vaccine is available for general population access.....
should those that refuse it because they believe it is a hoax and freedumb....

Should they have access to community/taxpayer funded healthcare....ie, hospitals when there is a demand outstripping supply of hospital beads? In other words, why should an individual decision that eschews public health and denies the reality of the virus....why should these resources be applied to their healthcare when they contract the virus? Might be an effective start for the Biden Presidency to address a key problem with beating this virus. And staunch the bleeding in our exploding healthcare costs.

Do you think we could make PSA's that explain this to the "Covid is a hoax" spreaders who will refuse vaccinations?

It is the Trumpsters who are killing our country, destroying our healthcare system, and economic future. I am through playing nice with these fools.

This Bird's-Eye View Of Shaolin Kung Fu Training Is Mesmerizing

This is pretty spectacular...

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