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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,696

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Dave Bromberg - Solid Gone


Little known fact. On Dave's 1st album, the Grateful Dead backed him up. True story.

Should we get ballot receipts when we vote?

And then, happily surrender to our Party poll receipt collector?

Would be an interesting way to challenge local election results.....

So how did computerized voting go from being bad to good?

I lived thru 2000 / 2004/ 2016. Now we win?

Toilet Paper

I use < 1 roll a month of single ply TP. Sometimes, a little more...sometimes a little less. I have a 24 pack that my son bought me in the 1st TP crisis. Am I OK thru 2023? I do have organic material that could be utilized....if necessary.

If you could brand the official mask of Democrats in the US Congress, what would be the message?

And could we have a contest to name the top 3 for sales to the public to support the designs and support Democrats for office?

Know what's really sad about this Thanksgiving?

We can't get together to celebrate this political defeat of Donald Trump - no, we have to reinforce the need to wear masks and stay socially distant. Because we are right in the middle of it again....just like we were 6 months ago.

Randy Newman - Putin

leave it to Randy......


David Bromberg - Send Me to the Electric Chair

Whatta band. Mandolin, accoustic guitar, Trombones, and Tiny Saxes.....they were something special back then.....


Idea for re-purposing and re-defining the US influence in the ME.

So, we are probably winding down our active military land presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How about we charge the oil producing countries a security fee for using the US military to insure their supply chain?

We spend about $500+BB/year on ME oil security. How about offloading that cost to the producers?

If they want to "recover" that structural cost at the pump, that'll will just accelerate the conversion to electric.

Happy Independence Day.

Rich Danko - Garth Hudson


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