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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,530

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Van and the Band - Irish Lullaby - 1976

A Great moment back then. Rick Danko was the best background vocal to Van's performance.....


Looking for a puppy.

67 YO white guy, living alone (most of time). Have lots of land for a pup...retriever/lab preferred. Mixed OK. Pure-breds, nope.

The best goddam political discussion board I am aware of.

Seriously, there is no real time better news/analysis then what happens at DU. Been here since WTF Happened in FL in 2000. Some really smart people post here and my hat is off to the best progressive US board on the internet. DU has been the place to be during the entire election process.....as it has always been. I always would prefer listening to brief points by a bunch of great posters than a TLDR opus from a hack that is no smarter the rest of us. I get the real story when I read 50 different opinions on any latest news event as it happens.

My goto sanity and real time group therapy site for 20 years (and it's free).....but you contribute because you appreciate this internet oasis that DU is.

Best regards, admins!

On edit: Blown away by the responses. Thanks all. We all get it. DU is a resource worth supporting!

Joe understands his moment.

He is returning us to the Obama future. Where we ALL live in harmony and work together for the future. And he picked the next Leader for our future in Kamala Harris. Well done, Joe.;

Enjoy the moment, my friends!

Going to bed, by myself, as per the last 7 months.....but, I'm looking forward to a whole new American "we can do". !

Basin St Blue - Armstrong - 1958, Stuttgartt, Germany


Billy Miles, unbelievable piano player.

Willin" - Little Feat - 1977

When Lowell George was still with us...


Jerry Jeff Walker Thread.

A guy that was always in my background....


Twilight - Danko/Hudson 1994

One of Rick's best songs.....


Sugar Magnolia - 1973


This is the sound that got my head twisted on straight....
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