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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,193

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No, donnie baloney,

the country is not on fire. Some of your moron followers are on fire.

Remember when you claimed you had the biggest inaugural crowd in history? Same here.

Go fuck yourself.

I so wish people wouldn't keep posting pictures of tfg

on threads and such. I have to keep scrolling past them to avoid

It seems to me that tfg's people are playing checkers

while Garland's are playing chess.

Keeping a few moves ahead. Anticipating, not reacting. Probably sitting around right now planning the next few moves.

You go, DOJ!

Obviously I missed it.

Where did the original comment about nuclear documents come from? Was it DOJ, was it the media? Where did that start?

IMHO, DOJ should go on the offensive and make a very public statement

that's hard to spin by the RW media. Something to the effect of, "We can't release the search warrant because of the investigation. We don't do that. However, tfg has a complete copy of it and it's within his rights to release it. Of course, that'll then bring up the question of whether his version was edited."

Something like that.

I've been having fantasies about a TV show.

Okay, maybe not fantasies as such, but we've been watching The Blacklist on Netflix and I've caught myself wishing "Raymond Reddington" was real and that his black list included some of the people in DC that we love to hate.

Oh, how I would love it if

they found docs that implicated that PoS governor in FL.

Next "raid:" his house.


Teaching adults on the autism spectrum?

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. If not I'd appreciate a redirection.

I'm looking for books and/or resources on teaching adults on the spectrum. There's a ton of material on teaching kids and adolescents, but I haven't been able to find anything specifically on teaching adults. I've even contacted a couple of associations, but they didn't offer anything specific.

This would be for a vocational program for adults on the spectrum. Any thoughts or ideas?

is it too early for schadenfreude?

He won't be sentenced until October, and he'll probably appeal anyway, but is it too early?

Oh, the suspense, the suspense! nt

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