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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,196

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Message from the latest "Star Wars" movie: the people defeated the Empire.

Saw "Star Wars" yesterday, and a message kept coming up: people -- everyday people, not an army -- joined up to defeat the Empire. Lando Calrissian said it a couple of times and repeated it later when it became obvious. Don't want to post any spoilers, but all it took was paying attention in order to get the idea.

What a message for right now.

Tin foil hat time: GOP members of Congress not running for re-election

Several Republican members of Congress have already indicated they won't run again. Is this because they know something is going on (Russian meddling in Congress?) and want to get out before the doo-doo hits the fan?

If this conspiracy theory is correct, then, given what Nancy is doing, I'd say Moscow Mitch could be in a heap'a trouble with his Russian handlers.

Okay, tinfoil hat off.

I remember "Spy vs Spy" from when I was a kid. Gawd, it was funny.

Disbar Barr

Just sayin'.

Picking on the witnesses, not on the content: a grammar-school tactic by our members of Congress.

I haven't seen so much of this shit since fourth or fifth grade in grammar school: picking on what a kid looks like, or how he dresses, or where he lives, or some other shit instead of taking issue with something specific he/she said. Thankfully, most of us had outgrown that by the sixth grade.

And yet here we are, watching our so-called leaders at the top level of government indulging in this tactic. Seems they never grew out of it.

IMHO, it's f*ing disgusting.

So al-Baghdadi died? Really?

Sorry if this has already been brought up, but given the last few months and the news since yesterday, do we really know for a fact that it was he who died in the explosion?

All it takes is watching a few action movies or a few episodes of NCIS or a similar show to ask a few questions:

The guy was known to be slippery. Could someone else have disguised himself to lead the troops away from the real al-Baghdadi?

He was blown up. How do we know it was him? Are they going to do DNA tests, and will we know the results?

A top aide of the guy gave away some information on his whereabouts. Was he truthful, or was he part of a plan?

The timing, and T's comm with Moscow ahead of letting Congress know, seems suspicious given the impeachment activities.

And so on, but you get the idea.

Why are Congressional Reps still supporting him?

There was something online a week or two ago about why the base continues to hang in there, and the explanation was along the lines of these people refusing to acknowledge making a mistake. I've known people like that, and they're not necessarily bad people, they just seem to have such a low opinion of themselves, or a heavy dose of insecurity, that they put up this shield that makes them unable to see themselves. A friend (who's a shrink) referred to it as a blind spot.

With politicians, it makes sense. They need to appear strong, both to their colleages and to the people who elected them, so admitting a mistake (or changing their mind) is deadly when it comes to the next election. And they want to get re-elected. So they huddle in there and support each other and hope like hell their constituents don't notice. They know the party will give them a security blanket, which is probably why they prefer their party over their country.

I like to think I'm better than this,

but every time I see a picture of one of several people in DC, my right hand automatically jumps up and flips them off.

Meghan McCain: the world will see America

as an unreliable ally.

Bullshit. Intelligent people out there will see this as a jackass move by the biggest jackass ever to stink up the Oval Office. America is just as reliable as ever, and should not get the blame for what this PoS and his asshole minions in Congress do.

Okay, rant over.

Recall the turtle!

Okay, recalling him may not work out, but the fact is, he's not doing his job. By sitting there and refusing to bring up House bills for a vote, he is slowing down or stopping the flow of government.

Yet he continues to fly under the radar.

This guy needs to be on the front page of every news outlet and called out for what he is: a disgrace to public service. Yeah, I know the other issue needs to get the bulk of the attention right now, but there are a lot of stories about other subjects out there. For piss' sake, even the Kardashians get more press than he does.

I'm going to start contacting my local media outlets and ask that they start giving him the attention he deserves.

How about you?
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