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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
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Okay, wait... Mueller was hampered by the DoJ's rule about indicting a president.

I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that, if the DoJ is part of the Executive Branch (which it is), and the AG is appointed by the president (which he or she is), that for the DoJ to have such a rule, regardless of precedent, would constitute a conflict of interest.

Any lawyers here care to chip in?

So, after today, do you think T

will ask for asylum in Japan?

"Charging the president with a crime was not an option we could consider"

IOW, if it had been an option, they could have done it. But the DoJ rules prohibited it.

So therefore (maybe) they had to ignore evidence that pointed directly to him committing a crime because it was irrelevant to the case about the campaign itself interfering. But apparently some of that evidence found its way into the report anyway.

Just discovered ditchmitchfund.com

Amy's web site seems to be left over from her run for the House, but there's another site, Ditch Mitch, that's collecting money to support a Dem running against McC: https://ditchmitchfund.com/

I just found out about it, so I would think they need to be more visible nationwide.

Not sure what her status is re: being "drafted" to run against McC.

Is anyone running against McConnell in KY?

Pelosi spoke at a conference right after the non-meeting at the WH??

I just flipped over to Fox News to see how they were handling the scene, and the piece said that Pelosi spoke at a Center for American Progress "moments after" the debacle in the WH. I flipped to the CAP link, and she was a scheduled speaker.

Okay, so did she go there (early?) because the WH meeting was cut short, or did she know it would be cut short? I don't know, but that "moments after" comment jumped out at me.

And BTW, I'm not bashing her -- just asking a question.

Pelosi's stance on impeachment

I have to wonder if the Speaker is just holding off until things get to the point where she knows she's going to have enough support to pull it off. Then she'll still come across as reasonable (or something to that effect) and can claim that it wasn't her idea.

Reminds me of a technique called the "takeaway close" used by salespeople.

I spent the weekend with an old friend who just happens to be a Republican

He was helping me out with a project, and we mostly avoided talking politics, but it turns out we both agreed on something.

We both miss the days of Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, and other newscasters who just gave you the news and let you make up your own mind, when there weren't so many talking heads making fortunes by telling viewers what they want to hear so they come back to hear more of it and watch all those commercials that are paying for it. And we miss the days when people had the common sense to be able to tell news from opinion.

I just find it so interesting that so many people seem to feel that they have to watch stuff that makes them angry, like, "okay, I've had a hard day at work and I'm home now, so it's time for my 7:00 anger session so I can get more pissed off at the other party."

Ever since, many years ago, when a Fox news director told me that, quote, a news program is just an excuse to bring an audience to an advertiser, unquote, I've had a very cynical view of the whole thing.

Did Dems on the committee really think McGahn would show up?

I don't believe it for a second. Those people have been in politics for many years and they've seen all the moves.

Like Holmes said to Watson, the game's afoot.

And we're the spectators.

Did Fox and Friends just contradict T?

Two articles on the "front page" of Huffpost just now:

‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Laud Trump Losing $1 Billion: ‘Wow, It’s Pretty Impressive’

Trump Dismisses New York Times Report On His Taxes, Calls It ‘Fake News’

Sometimes life is so confusing...
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