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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,033

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With Greenburg filing a guilty plea on 6 charges, and 27 are dropped today,

Who else will be tied to all these crimes? Gaetz isn't the only one he's giving up.

Will Desantis be the next one connected , and forced to tell all?

I think Gaetz will spill his guts , and have incriminating stuff on him and others too. If Desantis tries to help the orange on from being turned over to NY for indictment he'll be toast, and they'll rule against him anyway. Getz is finished, and Desantis could be their next step up the ladder.

Could all those conspiring and claiming the last election was corrupted,

Face criminal charges for conspiring to undermine the last and future elections? This is well organized , and if tied to Putin would make it even more criminal promoting their propaganda.

Is today the day someone gets indicted?

With investigations possibly wrapping up , will we see finally an indictment today, or very soon? I know , everyone says its coming, but when. Its got to be getting very close for many, including one for the orange blob, who has so many investigations against him, as well as many, many others . This can't go on forever, and they have many investigations overlapping, creating new investigations from info discovered, and making them solid cases they can win.
I've got my adult beverage and snacks ready to go when all hell breaks loose , and it gets started, which I want to believe is very soon. Who will be first? I hope its the orange blob. He's the one who is the most criminal, but I hope they get this started soon, and they show the American people we do still have a Department of Justice, and no one is above the rule of law, especially for him and his family.
Today is a good day, so let the indictments fly, and get this process started , especially with the orange blob, and his family. Maybe I'm being over optimistic, but I think things are close to exposing them all, and moves will be made to finally hold these criminals accountable with charges , and consequences. If not , things will only get worse, much worse for our country. I also believe they'll be finding crimes he and his family has committed for years. Today is a good day to start , and lets get this party started and let the indictments begin. I'm waiting with everyone else it'll break wide open soon, and I think our DOJ will deliver , and it will be a good day. Lets hope its today.

If he'll demand they claim a illegal election was fraudulent,

What even more corrupt thing will he demand they back him on next.

After Liz Cheney loses her #3 position, and speaks out ,

We'll see him (the former guy) start threatening her with claims her Dad was corrupt , and he has damming evidence of it. That's his MO. That also will show intent he and Putin all along was going to destroy the GOP. They both want to escalate unrest and violence, and she's in their way exposing the truth. He'll threaten both D Cheney and W Bush before he's done, and anybody with anything else he can to hurt them. I also think she knows things we don't, yet.

Liz Cheney removed from her #3 position will backfire on both the failed former guy and the GQP,

She represents the truth, and the rule of law, and our Democracy, so watch what she does to them for doing this to her. She and a few others will find out more on these people , and help expose them for their crimes. Cheney will now become the nightmare for the last illegitimate president , and the GQP promoting his propaganda for him. Cheney and a few others could also align with the Democrats to make them helpless by voting against them.
This battle with Liz Cheney is just starting, and I suspect donors are fleeing the former guy and the GQP, and realigning behind her now. What will happen soon is he will be exposed , and indicted with many others that follow him , then they'll see even more support erode, and lose more donors. The former guy hates smart and powerful women, and his actions against her will drive many more away from him, and he knows it. Cheney won't be stopped by this, or silenced. Cheney stands for Democracy, while he and the GQP don't, and more people are realizing that. Justice is coming for them, and they'll claim to be victims, when we were the victims from their crimes all along.

First It's Liz Cheney,

Next McConnell then Brady. He'll make up excuses to force them out too. Then Mitt and others who oppose him. Then he'll demand they become more corrupt, or else.

The big liar ,

Has republicans running from him and the fascist party he's created. Eventually they'll reject him and he'll leave the party to then start hurting them any way he can. Its always ends up that way with him. He turns on those rejecting his corrupt behaviors, and always hurts them the most for his revenge, and will try to do that with the GOP and his followers. The truth keeps exposing them, and it will be their downfall. Justice is coming soon, and they know it, especially those like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.
The big con with the big lies will be destroyed by the truth, and then they'll have nothing but consequences for it. His lies are not working anymore like they were, and he knows it now. They're scared of getting exposed , and Justice holding them accountable for their crimes they've committed, and consequences they'll face eventually. The big liar and conman is failing , and facing criminal issues we'll get very shocked about when its all exposed. His crime spree will finally come to an end. All while he claims he's being victimized, when he was victimizing all of us all along.

Republicans have two choices now,

Side with corrupt lying anti-democracy extremist groups that are trying to take away your voting rights so they can decide their own elections , and are against the rule of law and promote violence and propaganda, or side with people who put America first over party, who put truth first, believe in the rule of law and our Democracy, who won't be corrupted , at least to the level these others will, and believe in our justice system.
I would think eventually the 2nd ones will win out over many of those compromised and lying openly for someone so corrupt to be the only one who decides over everything. Do his supporters understand he wants to take their ability to vote away from them now, and will. He'll have his system of justice, only who he wants to win elections, and destroy our Democracy.
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