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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,521

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Bring the ban of assault weapons up in Congress for a vote now,

Exposing those preventing its passage, and on the record. If they get targeted for removal from Congress by voters maybe they'll change , or get voted out and replaced. The American people have the power to change what's happening by voting. We need better representation from our government officials. Schummer and Pelosi need to put the spotlight on those preventing reasonable gun legislation.

The Dems in the House and Senate need to reintroduce the assault weapon ban bill ASAP,

Making all those against it accountable for their vote in the mid terms, and while its fresh in the minds of the American people.

As long as Gov. Greg Abbot, Ted Cruz and other Republicans are in office,

Texas and other red states in this country will see this continue to happen more than in blue states who have stricter gun laws. As long as Texans and Americans vote for Republicans, these mass murders will worsen. How anyone can vote for people bought off by the gun lobby groups for profits over the safety of everyone, and believe the propaganda they promote creating fear all guns will be taken away , is unbelievable. American voters have to change by voting these Republicans out of office. Elections matter.

Dens should not let the GOP control the baby formula message,

They should bring up how Abbott Labs used money to buy back their own stock , did they know about plant issues.i Was this problem known about and covered up before this administration took office? FDA forced them to shut down after babies died, and. There was a whistle blower. The same thing happened to a Texas Blue Bell ice cream plant , but there wasn't only two suppliers of ice cream. Maybe look at going after monopolies in critical areas, preventing this type of situation.

Texas Gov. stunts , statements , and energy failures,

His sending N. G.. to the border failure, his stopping trucks at the border failure, bussing immigrants to DC, calling for no formula for immigrant babies, his shutting down women's rights to health care and abortions, and now more energy grid failure worries all point to his being removed from office from people being fed up with his lies, accusations, and failures as Governor.

Who's paying for all these failures, the people of Texas, and like with energy costs , he was caught saying pass it onto the people. He cares about himself, and big companies backing his campaign only. Texas needs him out badly. Go Beto!

To all the Mothers out there,

"Happy Mothers Day", and Thank You for all you do.

You know it's a bad day for America when...

...5 Supreme Court justices can lie under oath, allow themselves to be compromised and corrupted, and be part of sedition against our government, without any charges,and calls for resignations, or investigations. Allowing them. To judge any case is an injustice. Follow the money, and these. People will get exposed more. We have a corrupted Supreme Court .

Am I wrong remembering this happened when TFG was in office,

That Gerome Powell the Fed chairman was going to raise the interest rate to curb a inflationary trend coming, then TFG more or less threatened him not to, or he would get fired? Why isn't the media putting the focus on that, the failures of TFG's covid policies, which caused it to worsen with increased shutdowns and shortages. Instead they say Biden , over and over again with inflation, after he's done a remarkable job with getting people back to work vaccinated. China shutdowns are also a source of causing inflated prices, and with corporations greedily raising prices to increase their profit margins. Media is wrong how they're blaming Biden instead of TFG.

The GOP's war against women will fail,

Just like the war on drugs has. The court shouldn't dictate personal morals or ethics on women , or anyone else , when they have none. Abortions will not be stopped, and history shows they will be increased, and much more unsafe.

This abortion draft isn't a legal decision, yet,

Its a political one from TFG and McCONnell and the GOP turning a branch of our government into a political tool they can use as a weapon against the American people , our Democracy, and our constitutional rights, by using word manipulation to manufacture what the results wanted, and influenced by the Federalist Society, which is where TFG got these picks from. These extremist radicals on the court now are ignoring the rule of law just like the GOP did regarding ignoring the rule of law when TFG was impeached and they refused to convict him. The highest court isn't using their power as a legal body, just a political tool for power.
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