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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
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Trump's father Fred was a violent protester too,

He with the KKK got arrested for it, and Fred bailed himself and KKK members out. A reporter should ask him if after he and others were violently attacking police, is he a thug too? Trump needs to be confronted and asked about how he still wanted the Central Park five still executed after being proven to be innocent. When again he tries to threaten, and claim his fake position the media needs to show the reality of what he's really doing, again, taking the side of racist cops who murder black people. If given the chance,no matter what he claims he'll do, he will get Barr to let them off, or pardon them after the elections over. He hates not having the focus on himself, so just watch, he will inject himself into this for pr, and distraction from all his other disasters and issues, and threaten people. It's no wonder he talks and acts like he does, he's been working around mobsters his whole life.

Because of trumps failures

We've seen trump deny, lie, project, and attack others exposing him , yet some still support him. Will his supporters feel the same way after they're forced back to work, and they start cutting their wages 20-30%? That's coming next from trump and Moscow Mitch.

This is not about religion,

trump is using religion to divide with now, not about the health of the people, and not about religious beliefs , its about dividing people with religion for political purposes by trump. He goes from one group to another trying to do this , then pits the two groups against each other while he threatens, and incites them with BS claims and accusations. trump is using religion for political reasons, and it should be enough to make people realize how dangerous he really is, and hopefully some will run from someone doing this, unless you're willing to risk your life for a phony salesman selling you a dream based on fraud. He did this before too with his drug he's been promoting. Many Church leaders are not agreeing with him on this now. Will he start threatening them next?

Now is the time to use the 25th!

He's proven over and over again he doesn't have the mental capacity to do the job, especially now. How many deaths that he causes before Republicans turn against him? A million. Just think if this had been Ebola , or worse, a war. Republicans failed the country and the American people already once when they had the chance. He's threatening this country on a daily basis, and they are escalating in numbers and more dangerous, while the Republicans are scared to stop him. This was put into law just for this situation , and refusal to use it now is an injustice against the American people. End this nightmare before he makes it a lot worse .

Watch now trump and the GOP to start backing,

Companies to cut pay to workers ,even union workers. Trump will promote everyone's wages be cut claiming more bs excuses to give the owners, the wealthy, more money or protections from losses. They are already trying to cut health care and benefits. Wage cuts from trump will be demanded or else.

We're witnessing Trump and the Republican party

Putting their re-elections ahead of the welfare and health of the American people. Trump and the GOP are lying daily to us, and by Trumps refusal to act when he knew, and preventing help getting to the needy, then offering only his party relief, and offering help to putin and Kim shows how little he cares about Americans , and life. Trump is behind forcing people back to work while a active pandemic is attacking us, and that should be criminal, especially while Trump and the GOP are approving then funneling billions to millionaires , and short changing direct payments to the American people. Where are the demands for HIS resignation now? If they don't approve a lot more directly to the American people the trump depression will destroy them , maybe sooner than they think. The upcoming commission looking into what they've done will expose how corrupt , and how they knew much sooner then we now know , and refused to act intentionally hurting us to use to put money into theirs, and donors pockets . Again using our money to bribe them with, and to cut all funding to social programs will be next. Poverty rates projected to skyrocket, and we are seeing very , very long food bank lines already. Trumps stiffing the American people like he's done to contractors, and refusing to help . Who will he attack and blame today? Anyone but himself. Tired of his excuses and lying, while people are dying . Resignation time .

How long before trump and the GOP do this?

Encourage all corporations and companies claim all union contracts are null and void to decrease dramatically all benefits and wages? Then trump and the gop will protect them from any consequences for it.

Why couldn't the House pass legislation now

Reversing all the tax give away's given to the wealthy in the last tax bill to increase revenues ASAP ? And other revenue generators before they propose all social programs be destroyed? All oil subsides gone, and all tax write offs gone. They better look at all the costs and get busy reducing these loopholes and money going out to the wealthy , or things will keep getting more out of control.

Is it now time for Bernie , Warren and the House introduce a CV Anti corruption Bill?

Making anyone in Government , officials including the president, if they profit in any way, or use their position to benefit , or help others benefit from this crisis in ANY way will serve a minimum of 5 years with huge fines. They'll get 10 days to self disclose , and they'll get reduced penalties but forced to resign at once, or face the full amounts. If Moscow Mitch refuses, just more election ammunition to use against them, including trump, and to use if trump starts embezzling treasury stimulus money. Biden should back this committing all who profited or use their position to help others escape prosecution , or to profit from this crisis in the government should be force to resign their position or face jail ASAP, including trump, and hold them accountable fully. Biden could also use it campaigning against crisis corruption against government official, their families , and friends from profiting. Also price gougers , and stimulus scammers , and con artists who'll prey on many people. I think we the people need this to protect us now more then ever before.

What scares me the most now, anyone else?

That Putin has trump so compromised his no response , and refusals to help anyone on this now is from putin wanting too hurt us for his oil sanctions, and past destruction of the Soviet Union, and trump's intentionally hurting us for Putin knowing he can't pay his debts now? Could that be possibly why he's acting the way he is ? Why he sold off and shipped out medical supplies to other countries , and is presently blocking and stealing aid now from getting to hospitals, and stalling everything now. I hope I'm wrong , but.
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