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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
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Why is trump and McConnell stalling giving people stimulus checks now?

I think they're waiting as long as they can to then try to use the checks and amounts as a bribe to vote for them, and use it for a pr campaign trying to make them look good, which will not work, and doing the opposite as people can't pay their bills. trump i think wants to starve us back to work prematurely like he has done with re-opening cities, which is also failing badly. Stalling direct payments is pissing people off, and they can see trump and the Republicans are just making things worse , and taking us from a recession we're now in , and heading us into a trump depression, while trump spreads propaganda that we'e doing good, like W Bush did. All these failures will make trump and republicans hated for generations for putting us in this horrific position. The young people will never forget , or forgive them , and be now Democrats for the rest of their lives.

After watching Judge Lina Hildago of Houston speak

This lady has a very good future in politics. She speaks so well , and has the intellect to do whats needed in this crisis, without Abbott undermining her making things a lot worse. Abbott will never win an election again for his actions making this disaster worse. Her future on the other hand will be very ,very good from what I've seen. She's been right , while abbott has listened to trump.

Can trump be held personally liable

In civil court for all his lies and misleading medical claims , like the virus is a hoax, untested drugs for the virus, and making false statements on it he knew were false causing harm to people? That should be suggested for their trying to force children back too soon, and threaten lawsuits and hold them legally responsible in a civil court for damages. Discovering what they really were doing would be damming for these corrupt politicians.

trump needs to be questioned now about Stone

He was convicted by a jury, who his lawyers approved, for numerous felonies , so how was he treated unfairly, he can appeal if he can show that to be true, and how is lying under oath , threatening witnesses , and a judge, acceptable for a get out of jail free card from trump now? This is already backfiring on trump, and for those he helps escape justice from doing crimes for him. Their day of reckoning is coming , and trump made their problems worse. Next time Stone goes into jail , he'll remain there the rest of his life. Manafort and Flynn will regret this and have much worse results next time too. trumps protection racket is about to be undone, and I wonder if payments were involved for help from trump and Barr helping these people escape Justice. trumps desperate for money now as his taxes are about to expose his lies and claims he's used to con people with. trumps about to lose it all soon, and his ties to putin and russia , and others will be exposed showing some ways putin , and others own him.

Trump's commuting Stones sentence does one thing above others

It makes it very clear trump's criminal actions now needs the judicial system to immediately expose all of his taxes at once, exposing him as the criminal we thought all along he was, and prevent more to happen. The GOP had their chance and refused to do it, and look at all he's done since then hurting this country and us in the process. The GOP are complicit with his crimes. He is above the rule of law if they don't stop him now.

trumps trying to force kids back to school

While a active virus pandemic is raging now out of control should just make more of his supporters run from this lunatic. He caused the premature re-openng of states , which has failed badly causing more to die, and wants this? i think its more diversions , but this will backfire badly for trump and any republicans that support this. What person would send their children back while a very , very active virus is killing people, or support a politician who would do this to the people, and their children?

We will see this Covid-19 worsen,

As long as we have trump in office doing things to undermine fighting it. We need zero politician's calling any shots, and the health experts should be controlling it all , not trump or pence. That's why its failing so bad now, these two are involved and causing chaos, and this virus to spread even more now. Dr Fauci is right but he knows trumps undermining anything he tries to do.
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