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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Is Desantis and Abbott using this busing immigrants stunt to redirect attention,

Away from the abortion issues, and away from all TFG's, and their acts of corruption, and criminal investigations? When they lose control of the narrative they want, they always do something to change it, and the media helps them. They know abortion issues are destroying their chances this coming midterms of getting control in either the House , or Senate. TFG has used this tactic many, many times .

If he succeeded in stealing this country's most sensitive secrets, could he have stolen a bomb?

Or helped an enemy smuggle one or more into our country?

I think m Cohen was right,

TFG is using some of the. Stolen top secret documents to use to make a deal with to escape jail. The DOJ and Intel aagencies , who failed allowing this to happen might make a deal to cover up their failures, and allow him to escape justice. This if it happens will make us weaker, and more corrupt. TFG will never honor any deal, ever. We need the truth ,all of it.

TFG claimed he's financially supporting some Jan 6th defendants,

If he is charged for the attack, couldn't that be considered bribes, and offering pardons grounds for more charges? But then again he could be lying.

People mistaking thought roe would never be overturned, then they did it,

Now minorities, disabled, and seniors should be scared they could be next in line to lose rights, benefits, and healthcare from the fascist GOP we have now.

This is exactly why a sitting President should be able to be charged criminally,

And a former President shouldn't get special treatment, and their crimes excused away because of their past position. The rule of law being applied differently for the rich and powerful, and politicians weakens our Democracy, and our country. Just look at the rise of corruption in our government going on , with little if any real consequences. It also makes the American people lose faith in their government.

Because TFG isn't in jail right now, and wasn't indicted and put behind bars earlier exposes a huge failure of our DOJ, and intel departments, and members in Congress who are complicit with TFG and others. Talk of lesser or no charges against him because of his past position is a recipe for failure keeping our Democracy , and having a real rule of law applied the same for everyone.

Very disappointed with results taking so long, especially with Jan 6th, and our top secrets mar lago situation going on still, and election fraud that got TFG into office with Putin's help. People in our government should be held to a higher bar criminally, not a lower one. There needs to be a complete roundup of the criminals in our government , and department heads rolled to clean it up, and asap. Then we need to know the whole truth about it all.

Where's TFG's public statements saying he has no more illegal documents,

And tell the public why he stole top secrets, when caught then refused to give them back, ignored a legal subpoena which they should charge him for it, and after trying to get them back by the FBI, TFG is claiming he's the victim. The FBI should give him a paper to sign that ALL documents have been returned , and he has zero documents. or he will be indicted and arrested at once. He will escalate his crimes until they do this.

Putin is losing the war, and is using the nuclear plant as a weapon,

TFG's losing his fight from being criminally exposed, and prosecuted , and using top secrets he stole as a weapon? Is he threatening the government with it, yet?

Why isn't there legislation, and laws against domestic terrorism?

With serious sentencing guidelines. There should be strong laws on the books with serious consequences for those involved , including the instigators, and covering all government officials threatened, and to government officials threatening others.

Is Pence scared he's also a target,

And why he recently suggested he might testify , if asked, for the Jan 6th committee?
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