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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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OK, what's TFG''s new excuse today going to be,

Remember this guy bragged publicly how good he was with making up excuses. First it was a hoax, even though the FBI had been given by his lawyers 15 boxes and signed it was all of them, and the FBI was already trying to get more that they knew he had while he publicly claimed it was all a hoax. Then he started and had his minions suggest the FBI planted evidence on him, and no top secret info was taken, which should be grounds for an investigation on it and on those making these claims. Now if it was a hoax how could anything be planted. Then he started claiming he had declassified everything, after saying it was a hoax, nothing was classified and top secret, it was planted, and their wee no records showing anything was declassified. Now he's claiming he had executive privilege, after all his claims.

That would mean any President could take and destroy or sell to others any or all government secrets or documents at will without consequences. TFG and his minions agree then President Biden can do this too? They're attacking the FBI now to uncover their information sources with an active investigation going on, which should start an investigation on their involvement with TFG and corruption .

So, what's their new excuses going to be today? His lawyers did it, lol.

So where's the Democrats messaging at?

They should be talking to a mic, or on every political show demanding TFG gives the Americaan people answers, like "Have all documents that were removed been returned now", and if he says as far as he knows bs asked him why he doesn't know.. The Dems should be repeating calls for him to answer like republicans demanded AG Garland answer to the American people.

They need to bring up also why he refused for a while giving back the first bunch of documents, then after returning them refused (the 2nd time) giving them all back to the FBI. Dems need to bring up all his excues he's had on the documents like saying it was a hoax, or planted, if he, as he now claims, declassified them, which he'll have zero proof he went through the process. Nobody will beieve those excuses.

Dems should be hammeing him in the media and taking the republicans narrrative from them with this now. The Dems should ask republicans if he's returned all the documents, then if President Biden can do the same thing when he leaves office. When TFG returned the first set of documents , he admitted by returning them his guilt that he took them. The republicans are trying to find out and expose who was informing the FBI, and how you know how corrupt they've become.

Reporters should be asking TFG now on camera does he have any more documents ,

Taken to Mar lago, or anywhere else, that he hasn't returned? Top Secet, classified, or any of any kind. Republicans called for the DOJ to speak out for the public to know, now Democrats need to demand TFG publicly tell the American people if there's more documents now. Democrats need to demand he tell the public now.

The other people involved in taking top secrets, and TFG's motives coming?

I'd be pretty scared now if I helped TFG in any way get any of these documents, and knew anything about it. Also if TFG tried selling, or showed any of these to anyone , and they tell the FBI, or the FBI has proof he did it, or was about to do something illegal with these top secret documents, he could be facing even more serious charges. This is a long way from being over .

TFG's using political rope a oops, again,

He did the same thing when he claimed he wanted to testify in the Mueller investigation, then wouldn't.

A huge "Thank You" to all the reporters and news organizations,

Who've worked so hard uncovering so much, so far. Their dedication to the truth and the American people being exposed to it is a value we need now more than ever.

Wouldn't be surprised if TFG pulls another fast one,

After saying he would agree to release documents , he then comes up with excuses he won't, lawyers advise not to or something, then tie it up in the court system.

Calls for indictments and arrests asap for national security reasons should be made now,

Before they flee.

Suggesting evidence was planted by the FBI from TFG and GOP members of Congress,

Shows they knew exactly what was going to be getting exposed, so they conspired together to use as an excuse the FBI was corrupt, and planted evidence as a defense. TFG has gotten a bomb dropped on him now, and one on GOP members coming very soon, and they have to know it. Love the smell of desperation in the morning from corrupted republican Congressional members realizing they'll soon be exposed.

TFG will project more excuses , then wild claims to try and incite others with, and calls for donations. Then he'll threaten us with anything he can. TFG and others are a clear and present danger to our national security, and should be ASAP indicted and held in jail . Its just the tip of the iceberg what we know .

TFG having his minions project evidence was planted

Tells me TFG knows the FBI got the goods , and why TFG is acting so desperate to claim he's the victim now. TFG hasn't said he didn't take top classified documents, has he. TFG got caught, and making the search documents public exposes TFG's lies.
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