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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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More flipping about to explode very quickly?

After blackmailing lists turns up at TFG's house, and on members of Congress? Who'll flip first? I think either Lindsey Graham, or Ted Cruz. I look for things to really come out soon, and fast.

Was TFG illegally taking top classified documents to sell, or use to blackmail the government with?

He's acting desperate for money, and he's very capable of using damming information for revenge. I think he likely thought he could tie up giving documents back in the courts, and the DOJ have people inside informing them, plus recent people testifying. Is there more evidence at his towers? Another search warrant coming very soon? Other people involved helping remove documents to be called before a grand jury soon? Other close WH aides also took classified documents too?

TFG's pattern denying , and falsely accusing others when he knows he's in legal trouble is telling,

His lying about why this happened, how this happened, and accusing others of illegal and corrupt actions is a pattern he's used before. He accused Hillary's foundation was corrupt when he knew his foundation was corrupt , and he had to shut his down when it was proven to be corrupt.

He lies , then he exaggerates the lie more like he did often before, then repeats it until many believe them , and the media helps him by showing him saying his lies over and over again. Put him on a stand under oath and he shuts up, like he did just yesterday. Then he claims he and his followers are the victims, then he hits them up for more money, lol. The serial con man does this to people over and over again because he knows he can. Perpetual grifting is his source of money from these people he's professionally conned into believing his propaganda.

He knows they got some pretty damaging information or he wouldn't be claiming things falsely again, and setting up his defense, and claims he's been victimized. His actions are telling, and I'm sure expected. He knows what he has done was criminal, or he wouldn't be trying to push another con onto his followers they're corrupt , and he is a victim. The truth is he's victimizing us, and especially his followers, and draining their pockets. Expect his accusations, and wild clams, and personal attacks to be ramped up, which he knows he can't, and won't be able to prove, because they're all lies.

Kevin McCarthy republican minority leaders statement exposes his unfitness for the job.

His claim the search warrant served was political and a weapon from the Democrats, when the head of the FBI was appointed by TFG and is a republican, and was based on and approved by a judge after adequate reasonable cause was considered and accepted . McCarthy has bragged in public the Benghazzi attacks against Hillary was politically motivated and done with intent to hurt her campaign. McCarty is now threatening AG Garland with the same tactics knowing nothing, why, or what the search was based on.

McCarthy has no place in Congress making or applying laws towards others when he acts this irresponsible to the rule of law. When people elect these lawless types of people into office nothing but bad happens. When they lie and ignore the rule of law, abuse their power to make themselves above the rule of law, everyone suffers.

Stealing federal documents is a federal crime,

Top secre t documents is a national security threat. Selling them to our enemies is treasonous.

What would be the icing on the cake now,

If because of TFG threatening Manchin and Seinema because of their vote for the IRA bill, they've had a change of heart and will now support many other bills they previously didn't , and make TFG look stupid.

Wouldn't it be funny now since TFG threatened Manchin and Seinema for voting for the IRA bill,

They announced they've have a change off heart , and will support some of they bills they had rejected , making TFG again look like the fool he is.

I find it funny how republicans are trying to spin the great jobs report as bad for President Biden,

When TFG's job lost under him was the greatest number of jobs lost since Hoover, and why this Presidents job's gained is so high. TFG predicted if Biden was elected he's fail miserably creating jobs. The republican media don't bring that up either. TFG was a failure creating jobs , unless you want to believe people that lie about fake election fraud they refuse to produce evidence of. President Biden IS cleaning up the mess TFG made, and why republicans are voting against helping us recover from it by voting no on bills needed to help American.

Hungary's fascist leader being embraced by TFG and the party exposes them openly,

As a anti democratic , domestic terrorist group who've taken over the former republican party. The American people should be very afraid of these people, and realize how dangerous these fascist really are, before they lose their votes too.

Is Alex Jones now a major threat to flip on all those who were involved in Jan 6th?

And is he in danger from others, or to himself? The can of worms has maybe been opened.
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