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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Bannon's sentence when found guilty should be the maximum,

2 years in prison or the rule of law will be ignored even more, and used against getting justice served, If Bannon isn't made an example of watch refusals to appear and produce documents to increase, and slow down the system of justice, which also is what they want to do. Bannon's going to claim he's the victim no matter what happens, then use propaganda to con people into believing they're victims too.. He's an arrogant scumbag who thinks he's entitled , and above the law.

Will a person in the SS come forward exposing SS crimes and their cover up?

I would also be surprised if recovery experts can't recover most, if not all of the incriminating texts. I believe one or more agents will come forward and expose what happened, and some of them involved.

Why isn't another stimulus package being discussed now?

With higher costs from Putin's war , and inflation from the pandemic recovery, and corporate greed from increased profit margins, why isn't that being talked about now? People on fixed and lower incomes are getting hit pretty good, and need help, but it would get everyone past this until inflation gets slowed down.

Look at how they vote to know who's taken Putin's dark money,

When they vote against helping save Ukraine's Democracy, which would help Putin. Also on other pro Putin issues . They're exposing themselves with their votes.

TFG and the GOPs position against climate change is costing us all, and causing inflation,

Just look at what the brutally severe heat wave is costing us with higher energy usage and costs, and eventually it will drive food costs a lot higher. Add health care costs, and more extreme events , it'll just get costlier, and we'll see more extreme changes from the failed policies of TFG and republicans , and a few democrats too.

By not saving all documents, texts and information before the phone updates by the Secret Service,

Didn't they break the law by not preserving them for the National Archives? Can't they be charged with a crime? Can they call in agents requiring them to undergo taking a lie detector test like other agencies do?

What's Texas Gov. Greg Abbott done to prevent the energy grid from crashing down?

Once again Texans find themselves facing dangerous critical situations from shutdowns with severe consequences caused by inactions securing a stable and sustainable energy supply from this Gov. . He's been a complete failure for Texans having reliable energy at reasonable costs. The grids failure is not a matter of if, but when, and with these severely high temperatures lives are going to be lost, again.

The GOP are being taken over by fascist,

And many Republicans are clueless , and have been conditioned to believe their lies they're victims , and our Democracy is a fraud, and hurting them. The sooner Democrats and remaining GOP start calling them what they are, and promoting the truth to undermine their propaganda, the better.

The GOP fascist busy trying to blame Biden for inflation, high oil prices, and claim we're victims,

When the failed pandemic response, putin's war , and TFG pressuring the Fed chairman not to rise interest rates, and trade wars caused the world to see inflation rise, and Biden was not the cause. Inflation started going up under TFG , and shipping costs went up dramatically, with his transportation secretary McConnel's wife Elaine Chow's family's shipping company set to make 100's of millions from their price increases. Where's media coverage of that? Did Mitch and his wife profit from this?

TFG and the domestic terrorist GOP have weaponized the 2nd amendment against us,

By inciting violence, and making people feel victimized if they lose the right to have and own a weapon designed to murder people in war, while weaponizing the 2nd amendment to be used to terrorize the American people. By TFG and the GOP using this to divide and incite people , and make more guns available , the violence was going to increase to levels we've never seen before, and now has.
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