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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Could trump, pence and others

Be charged as Domestic terrorists if it's proven they were involved with khashoggi's murder, the murder of Epstein, and getting paid for policies hurting us , but helping other international terrorist foreign leaders? Would that allow them to be detained with little or no rights after the laws were changed after 911 happened? Putin, Erdogan, and MBS involvement? 12:01 1-20-2021 can't get here fast enough, and I hope Justice is on top of them the moment they're out . We've been terrorized enough.

Trump and the media are committing fraud,

Trump's using the same schemes to claim fraud with as he.'s used with President Ombama and his birthplace, Hillary and her corruption, her E-mails , and her and Bill's foundation, with Biden, while he was the fraudulent one over and over again, so why isn't the media showing him claiming falsely fraud from others while not reminding people he's the one guilty of fraud? The networks are helping him project fraud onto others by not including his past doing this over and over again. They're helping trump hook more cult victims by not showing and exposing him more for this propaganda he uses.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving,

Even with the virus raging across the country still, trump pulling more stunts to help himself and things that will hurt our country for revenge, and corruption running wild, we do have many things to be very thankful for. Be safe and have a happy Thanksgiving day, and be thankful, it could be a lot worse.

Pardons for yourself, and others will not stand,

If a President is also involved with the crimes, I think, and trumps attempt to pardon his way out of going to jail will fail, I think. trump will have accountability for his crimes, like conspiring to commit election fraud. If not, we'll have criminals running for the position from now on.

The reasons trumps doing this now

So he can con his followers into believing he and them are the victims, and to use for a money generator for his personal use . So he can stall Biden from getting information against him (intel) that they won't tell trump, and will expose trump, his family and others. To prevent him from succeeding and helping the American people, and to please putin. He always projects onto others what he's done, or is doing, like doing things to rig the election with election fraud. Texas , Florida, Kentucky , and North Carolina all should be looked closely at what they did to altered the counts. While he claims Biden and Democrats did that . All to stall and to use to accuse others with, and asking for money to line his pockets with. Typical trump fraud tactics.

Is trumps claim he'll run in 2024 just another scam,

To raise money for himself, and to mislead prosecutors he'll be here, then he flee's the country with the money ? He does often claim stuff to then later do the opposite. Is this also to threaten the GOP to not turn on him? His desperation is escalating daily with claims he knows is untrue. Will he soon threaten Biden's with arrest, or others? Hope all who has been his opposition are well protected. Trump's capable of doing anything, especially if Putin's involved.

I think there will be fraud exposed from this election, eventually,,

Against trump and the GOP when foreign money is exposed has been given to trump and McConnell , and others on 2016 and this election. I also think there are some Democrats already aware of it, but waiting for the right time to expose them for it.

We're watching now "The Sour Grapes of Trump's Wrath"

His firings, and revenge upon others that either spoke out angering him , or weren't corrupt enough for him, because he lost, and is mad now. He's acting out like a spoiled child that didn't get his way, so now he'll try to hurt everyone because of it. Even his own supporters.

Before he leaves office

trump to his supporters will be claiming the reasons behind all the indictments , and charges for him and his family is because the Democrats are so corrupt, and they're scared of him, because he'll claim, he was so successful as the President. All while still claiming Biden and his son are corrupt, again with no evidence, just making it up.

trump's admitted now he lost by letting it be known he wants to create himself revenue

Which will be rally's, book deals, speaking engagements, a media network, and re-election campaign for money sources. Other than creating chaos in the government , he'll use his office to promote his upcoming things he'll be doing after he leaves, which will just be another bunch of scams he'll line his pockets with. He's likely broke and soon facing mountains of legal fee's.
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