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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Will the GOP, the real GOP, leave the extremist anti-Democracy party of trump?

Setting up their own party that shuns these extremist, these hate groups, and corrupt serial liars and corrupt criminals that aren't Christians ? With these extreme calls for overturning a legal election for someone who wants absolute power , and control over everyone, I think this May be coming.

trump is stalling the American people getting $2000 stimulus checks

If he really wanted the people to get $2K like he claims he does he would be telling McConnel to drop the two other issues to get a clean bill passed for him to sign , but he won't do it because he really doesn't want people getting it. trumps the real fraud here by doing nothing , and going golfing while crisis are hurting the American people.

McConnell and trump are intentionally stalling stimulus direct checks for $2000

They know if a clean bill was introduced in the Senate for the 2K amount it would pass, so they planned this adding of 2 poison pills he and trump mow demand, which they know there is no chance of passing. Why would any Democrats vote for this when in a few weeks they can pass a clean bill. By trump and McConnell doing this they are destroying what very small change they may have had winning in GA next week. They could care less about the American people suffering from their complete failure with the Covid-19 response. trump and McConnell are losing their power to stop covid relief, and the good people of GA who already turned against trump , will soon oust McConnell next. This is McConnell's last stand, and he like trump is losing, and being rejected.

trumps pardons will backfire on him more than he knows,

They'll be forced to testify, and tell the truth, something they've neve been capable of doing. We'll see some turn on trump , even family members before this is over. We'll see some go to prison for lying, again. Soon trump knows indictments will be coming, for him and for his family , and they all are about to get exposed. trumps days are numbered, and he knows it too. Its about to get very busy for the DOJ going after so many criminals in the WH, this administration, and in Congress. Get your popcorn ready, this is going to be a show we've been waiting for four years to see.

We have a president refusing to do his job now,

Golfing daily while numerous crisis are crippling our country, and only signed a stimulus bill because it was hurting him. What kind of evil SOB would do this to Americans, and who would support his claim what he's caused is something good? Until people realize he's not working for America, or Americans, and his only goal is separating them from their money , this professional con man, and serial liar will keep hurting this country, and its people, with their helping him do it. Those supporting this madness should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done. People are going hungry because of them and trump, and the GOP. Vote GA. We deserve better people in OUR government.

If a member of Congress was caught

Taking money from say Putin for themselves and/or their campaign, what would they be charged with, and what could their sentence be if convicted?

What are the odds trump and his family will flee the country?

I think trump doesn't trust Pence will pardon him if he resigns, and will either try to get others ( Putin, eric prince and others) try to pull something for trump , or flee to another country, is 50/50. He knows what's coming, and he and his family with many others will be getting exposed . Of course if he does he'll claim he's being victimized again by corrupt people, when the proof will show overwhelmingly he was working for putin , and tied to massive corruption , and horrific crimes all along. Along with GOP members of Congress. If he tries a self pardon, it'll easily fail. trump's desperation now is showing more every day.

Will trump pardon child sex ring predator Ghslaine Maxwell this week ?

She has too much on trump, and very likely they both are tied to putin with this too, and he will have to get trump to pardon her. putin knew about Epstein and his intel likely had lots of damming info from him on other powerful people to use against them, say GOP members of Congress and others.

trump realized his stunt not to sign the stimulus bill was backfiring on him,

Many trump supporters were getting hurt and starting to turn on him. Now if he doesn't get the additional $1400 to the American people done, like he's claimed he wanted, it'll not only hurt him, but all republicans, almost insuring GA will go Democrats controlling the Senate, because of trump.

trump knew all along what the GOP and Democrats were negotiating on,

But instead waited until they agreed to pull this stunt. It didn't matter what they sent him, he was going to have an excuse to refuse to sign it, and he'll do the same thing to shut the government down. The question is, is he just doing it for himself, or is this partially being done for putin . Is trump intentionally doing things to weaken us for putin and him to take advantage of us ? trump's also desperate to make a deal knowing his situation when he leaves office. After Jan. 6th he will escalate things to hurt us, and the country with. This is already backfiring on him, and is hurting many of his own people .
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