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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Has anyone heard any new guidelines for all restaurants still serving food?

Shouldn't there be federal guidelines updated requiring all businesses serving food to the public have to wear masks for all employees all the time , including delivery drivers, and shouldn't they all be required to check their temperatures regularly? And recorded? With no federal guidelines how can we be assured it's safe, and not further spreading the virus. This is an urgent public health issue , and why isn't this being addressed now? They also need testing ASAP to these food groups to lessen others getting infected, and would increase these businesses earnings with more federal over site now.

Is putin the one behind our response to this now?

Is trump so compromised by putin , and putin is getting his revenge for the SU falling by making this much worse here, and for not lifting sanctions for him? Was that why the panel and intel people were fired or run off? Was this putins way of getting revenge by hurting us using trump to do it? You'll know it by he and the gop lifting his sanctions soon for him. trump may not be able to pay his debt to him now, and desperate to do anything in return for him now. And why he's so desperate hiding his tax returns.

Why is trump now calling himself a war time president

Is it so he can use additional wartime powers abusively?

Unless the Governors get ahead of this

We're screwed. Immediate actions needed to be taken are : Close all schools for the year, use them then to produce masks and any their medical supplies needed and employ many not working to do it, but get temperature guns to closely monitor all those working to in all areas we need to keep working like food producers and delivery people , but also for the police , fire and others we have to have keep working to prevent more major problems before it happens. All restaurants serving take out need to have all of them temperature monitored with temperature guns, hourly , or they have to close. Medical professionals especially need the PPE's now. Oxygen finger sensors and ventilators need to be mass produced now . trump is worthless and can't be trusted for help , and he's refusing to do his job. He's too lazy . Thank you to all working to help us now, and keep us safe.

Is trump about to try again to get putin oil sanctions lifted?

Or drain our emergency supplies to buy oil from them to help putin? trump knows the prince has got stuff on him but putin has a lot more on him, and the much lower oil prices will hurt putin , who'll have him help him , or else. Of course trump will lie claiming something untrue to justify his doing this now. Its because putin owns him.

With their spending driving the deficit upward now

Should Democrats call for the tax bill from 2017 be reversed now to increase our revenues higher immediately? If trump and the gop refuse then suggest when they take over it'll be reversed then more even higher tax rates for the wealthy will be passed then ? Should they also start programs to ensure the safety of the food supply , and how take out food and their containers are virus free from new guidelines for them to go by. They should set some strict guidelines to prevent the spread of this virus. Make them monitor all employees temperatures , and have daily forms stating they are doing ok.

Is our mail system safe?

Are they doing anything to protect our mail from being virus infected? Our Water Systems?

Has anyone heard if ozone kills the virus?

Will ozone kill this virus like it can kill other types of coronavirus? I do have an ozone machine (small one) and haven't heard if it will or not. Does heat (steam)kill it and at what temperature, and can the virus contaminate water systems?
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