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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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We will see this Covid-19 worsen,

As long as we have trump in office doing things to undermine fighting it. We need zero politician's calling any shots, and the health experts should be controlling it all , not trump or pence. That's why its failing so bad now, these two are involved and causing chaos, and this virus to spread even more now. Dr Fauci is right but he knows trumps undermining anything he tries to do.

This isn't the first time trump has caused US soldiers getting killed,

He did it with the Yemen raid, and announced his Muslim ban right before the mission was put into place, then they were ambushed and killed for it . This now won't be the last time either , he wants to hurt this country, he doesn't support troops, he refused to stop this virus , or help prepare or delivery medicals supplies, testing , or anything. trump hates America and Americans, and proves it every day he works at dividing us , and pitting one group against another, and tries to instigate chaos while promoting racists and fascist here. trump is no republican or a conservative, he's a racist fascist angry man who thinks everything is his now for the taking, including our government .

I want to hear reporters ask trump today

Do you feel responsible for the outbreaks we're seeing from reopening to early? Then ask him does he feel responsible for any deaths from this failed policy to reopen too early ? Doesn't he realize he's prolonged the economic pain on us all ,and heading us into a trump depression from all his failed policies. He may try next to ban all numbers being made public, and he'll tell us he will tell us what they are, lol. What a disaster , and a upcoming election too.

We're seeing now the failed policy results from trump and Republicans with this virus

Its backfiring on them , and will only make many more voters run to the polls in Nov. to vote them out of office. trump is getting his ass kicked by this virus , and he and republicans can't spin failures this big. Vote them all out, or it will get much worse. Trump next will try to block all stats from coming out I think, because it shows they've badly failed and hurt us all. trump will lie and claim the total opposite.

trump slowing down testing,

He's used the same pattern with slowing down and stopping investigations against himself and his criminal buddies, he's slowed down the reporting of the corona virus cases and deaths , and slowed down getting direct stimulus funds to the American people, and trump is slowing down this country's justice system with appointments only made to obstruct. The Corona virus is kicking trump's ass now , and he's losing ground daily trying to con people into believing its over. The virus is dictating to trump now who is the boss, and exposing his ignorance.

I want trump to answer this today from reporters,

Was he joking about reducing testing, yes or no. Either way it's a lose/lose situation Democrats should pounce on this right now.

When a president jokes about reducing testing during a very active and deadly pandemic

While thousands suffer and die from his refusal to act , has no place in our government . Joking about it while so many have died shows he will never be capable of making America great again , and what a total fraud and con man he is. His rally's are virus spreading intentionally while claiming anything but what he's really doing , trying to con people into not believing this pandemic is a very serious threat . He caused this situation he now wants you to ignore, and now he's hurt the economy so badly people are starting to suggest a trump depression could be soon here, while trump and McConnell go out of their way to stall people get direct checks while trump is likely holding back getting us anything until he gets his payoff with stimulus funds. If Republicans would have ousted him for crimes he committed , this would not be like it now is under trump. Stalling direct checks to the people quickly is already backfiring on them now badly. The Nov. election will be a historic landslide against all Republicans , especially for Trump, and McConnell. Republicans should be scared , their party is self destructing from trump's failures , and them allowing this to continue. They learned nothing from the Mid Terms . Vote people! We need to get rid of someone joking while people are dying from his failures.

Is Trump intentionally inciting violence, publicly,

Shouldn't that alone be an impeachable offence?

Is trump going to verbally attack China because they refused to help his re-election?

By refusing to make up propaganda on Biden for him to use? I think that will be the plan, and expect wild unproven claims (lying) , just like McCarty used years ago to hurt others with , then keep changing the subject with more lies. trumps copying McCarty's tactics. It didn't end well for McCarty doing that. I think this is probably his motive for this , and for putin.

Why is trump and McConnell stalling giving the American people direct checks?

Which will cause even more businesses to fail , and more people filing bankruptcies? I think trump is holding them hostage for stimulus money for himself or he won't sign it. Even after given his demands he will shortchange us like he does to contractors, and stiff us. Just my opinion but a issue he is trying to distract from with others crazy statements and claims . He doesn't want this as an issue against him, while he claims he wants it big, only we'll find out big to him only.
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