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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Anyone else feel like trumps involved with Bannon , and other wall kickback schemes?

I've had a feeling all along trump has made contractors, and Bannon and others kickback funds to him from wall contractors , and many others to get something in return, payoffs and money for his PACS he then funnels into his pockets. He'll keep donors money too , then go cheap on spending again. trumps corrupt as they come , and I've felt he's been embezzling money out of the treasury into his pockets using his family members too. It could even be exposed very , very soon from someone close to him at one time. Corruption has gone wild with trump in office. Money funneled using his properties too? I think it will be a long list of crimes he and his family , and associates will be found to be involved in , and many soon.

I think trump is getting very scared of the landslide against him coming

And what's behind these threatening suggestions of things he might try to do. They'll fail miserably causing an even great embarrassment for him, so he may leave before the election claiming health , and then blame the biggest victory for Democrats in history onto Pence. He knows he's losing badly, so does his donors who are drying up on him. trump loves to threaten , and usually is really a coward and does nothing. Then he plays the victim, and claims he was robbed. Its all backfiring on him , and all republicans , and they will have consequences . trump is being believed less every day he tweets and speaks in public.

De joy appearing before the House on Monday

He knows he's in deep trouble , and if he lies he faces more charges , so will he admit this was ordered by trump to hurt the delivery of mail, or lie more about it and when the investigation uncovers more, and more about his profiting from doing what he's done will also be exposed more. Because of this I think trumps turnaround on doing this shows trump knows he's in trouble for it too, and trying to drop it and onto direct orders to interfere with the election. Their conspiring to do this is a crime, and De joy will face time in prison if he doesn't fess up, because it will be uncovered, so watch how long it takes trump to threaten him and members in the House for this, and try to prevent him from going before them Monday. Is De joy willing to go to prison for trump , I doubt it, and will talk. In Jan. De joy could also be unprotected . trump will do something to distract from this issue , very soon. Stocking up on popcorn for Mondays hearing, especially learning Rep. Katie porter will be giving him questions, and wish she was given a lot more time as effective as she is at it.

Is this Russian vaccine a plot for him and trump

To use for pr, and to funnel our money from trump using the Treasury to buy a lot of it, but really a scheme to pay Putin because trumps broke, and can't pay his debt to him now?

Why trump suggested he may delay the election

Maybe his dementia is getting worse, and he couldn't remember the Constitution prevents that from being allowed, or Putin suggested he try that. Either way he exposed himself as not fit for office. His saying one thing one day then saying the opposite sometimes the same day, sometimes claiming he never said it is examples of his delusions, and he's getting worse.

While millions are facing evictions and going hungry

Mitch takes the weekend off. That should be an ad running around the clock in his home state and around the country. trump and mitch have to go for this.
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