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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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So, what have you got to lose if you vote for trump,

Your right to vote, your health care, your Social Security, a equal economy, the truth from this government, a government uncorrupted, freedom from attacks from being a minority,,freedom to have control over your own body , free speech, freedom to peacefully protest, real law and order, and this Democracy . A vote for trump is a vote to lose these things, and after his disaster with Covid 19, you could lose your life. Vote people, this shouldn't be a hard chose to make.

Trump's playing the media again,

Away from his attacks and comments on the Military, and away from his Covid 19 disaster, and the failing economy, using racism to redirect attention, and the media just keep hurting this country by showing repeatedly his propaganda over and over again. They should stop it. They let him over and over again change the news cycle to benefit him. Showing him repeat lies isn't newsworthy even from a president when he's doing it to hurt us.

If trump doesn't know who the proud boys are,

How did he know to repeat their rally cry comments for them? He planned it , and his attack on antifa.

trump's lying about not knowing who the proud boys are,

After he repeats their specific propaganda and rally cry , then claims antifa is the real threat shows he clearly planned this out and knew exactly what he said, and intended to do, incite violence using a extremist hate group. His denial knowing them shows his ability to deceive. Its backfiring on him even more now as more people run from this extreme hate monger. Fewer people are believing his propaganda now.

Make no mistake about what a disgrace trump is to OUR country,

But what's worse is the Republicans in Congress that has enabled him to be this way, and damage our Democracy. They refused to hold trump accountable for anything he's done. His lying, his criminal activities, his racist attitude and attacks on our military and on and on, and they've ignored it all creating this nightmare, and that's why when people vote they can't just vote against trump to stop this. All Republicans have to be voted out, or it continues. And it will get much worse. Vote them all out. Especially all Republican Senators for not convicting this criminal in office now.

Is trumps projections telling us what he's going to do next?

By claiming mail in voting is corrupt, is he planning on doing just that, corrupting it by him or putin behind mailing in phony ballots to use to delegitimized them , then claim its corrupt, or to use the votes for him in key area's? He projects often what he's done or is doing, or is going to do, that's a clear pattern from him he's used often. Then he has created cause to claim its corrupt.

How soon before we start hearing trumps declaring bankruptcy's again?

Trying to get more deductions to write off, and knowing all his businesses will be taken over by creditors , or from being seized. When the money get traced back to putin it'll be over.

Expect major distractions from trump and his cronies for the next week or more

trumps pattern is to attack the source after he claimed it is fake news, then give excuses, and lies to justify his actions, then put out distractions away from the story. He denied it was true then claims he was entitled, then he'll claim he's a victim, then use Barr to manufacture something against the source. He'll start doing what he always does with creating major distractions , then start legal action stopping more from coming out. You know trump lied claiming it was fake news because if it was really false he would have gone after them with lawsuits for the money. You know members of the republican party are crooks for not wanting his tax evasion investigated now, and who he owes so much money to, and being a National Security threat to us all, and republicans want to punish the source. Republicans are crooks , and protecting one of their own now, and should all be voted out of office for it.

I think soon we will have trump's IRS loyalist he appointed having to testify

What he has done to prevent trump from being held accountable for tax fraud, and to protect trump's tax problems for him. trump's being audited is a lie I think , and will get exposed . More likely it was being legally disputed , and his loyalist had it dropped. I expect trumps lie, and story will soon change. The House should ask his loyalist under oath if he has been audited, and when , and if he is now, or if he's tried to use his position to influence its outcome.

Funny story

A friends wife went out in the front yard with the dog and noticed a fresh Biden sign put up in the yard of the opposite corner yard. When she saw it she couldn't help herself and shouted towards the yard ,"I love You", thinking nobody was outside, then a man's head popped up from behind a car , and she wasn't sure if he heard her or not. When she told her husband they both had a good laugh about it. I'm noticing a lot more signs for Biden replacing trump signs now too. The tide is turning, and will even more everyday trump talks , or tweets, and more gets exposed on his corruption and lies .
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