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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Trump killed the Republican Party,

They now are an extremist hate group corrupted by trump and Putin , and so compromised by Putin and trump now from their being corrupted they have no choice but to still support trump and welcome in even more radical groups. The few remaining Republicans are going to be forced out of politics unless they switch party, because the Republican Party is dead. They're fascist, extreme fascist working to destroy our Democracy now, with putin's help. The Democrats will be next to be infiltrated by these extremist groups dividing them up , or from compromising them.

Congress needs to subpoena Jeffery Clack and Steve Bannon,

Clark will either lie or expose trump's criminal intentions, and Bannon should be asked about trump sending him here in this country and other countries getting support from extremist , and hate groups on trumps behalf. He knows with his pardon he will have to tell the truth , or face consequences for lying.

Big corporate and wealthy donors to the fascists in the GOP

Need to be boycotted. And exposed for backing people working to overthrow our Democracy. There is no excuse for what they've done, and all voting against conviction are voting against Democracy, and they need to be investigated for election fraud ASAP.

Has the IG investigation looking into McConnell and his wife been restarted yet?

Trump stopped it weeks ago, and it needs to be restarted if trump stopped it.

Has President Biden stopped all briefings given to trump yet?

National Security is threatened until it is.

Wonder now how long before the indictments start coming,

Hopefully within the first week we'll see a number of them get served. Wouldn't that be a photo op moment seeing trump led to a car in handcuffs, finally.

What's stopping trump from selling more pardons after he leaves office,

Then later claim he gave one? With no complete full list given, he can exploit the pardon powers beyond holding office. Something maybe Congress need to address before, not after he abuses it.

Pardon Watch,

Will trump pardon Republican members of the House and Senate? Will he pardon himself and his family, but not do it publicly , hiding them until federally charged to delay their prosecution? Will trump pardon his domestic terrorist loyalists? I I think his pardons will backfire on him,l and cause more issues for him.

Is trump's pattern of projecting onto others really another admission?

His claiming without proof he was defeated from a rigged election, after having a long history of projecting his actions onto others, and really him admitting he got into office from his rigging of the 2016 election with the help of putin , and corruption in the GOP? That's been his pattern. I believe that's what trump is really scared of happening, getting exposed for it.

If trump pardons Stone, Flynn, and Jr., and Bannon,

That could put trump at even greater risk. They can't lie, or plead the 5th, and if there is proof trump was involved and knew they were promoting violence and planed murders they are all toast no matter what trump does. Guiliani can be included also. Then if someone turns knowing its over , it'll just make their case stronger. The same with giving the terrorists pardons, that could make the connections easier after any turn on the planners and trump.
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