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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
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Big orange's patterns never change,

It's always about promoting lies for the con, repeat then escalate with exaggerating the lies while claiming he and his followers are the victims. Then he repeats until they accept it. Then he uses threats to intimidate, and bully those who won't go along with his demands, which no matter what They do. He'll demand more. Then he'll make suggestions of violence, and has others repeat the message to his followers. Of course he'll say then he has no responsibility for any violence that does happen. The con is for donors money, and get it any way he can by conning others. He now is threatening all of the Republican Party, while donors are running away. He also demands he be protected from prosecution. So I expect he's been trying to get Supreme Court justices on his side, any way he can.

Why are people receiving social security having to pay taxes?

When large corporations and billionaires and millionaires paying zero in taxes? Democrats should message this to all seniors how they're being fleeced by the GOP.

Is Sinema and Manchin both compromised?

From taking money from the wealthy GOP donors, or wealthy Russian donors, or from promises from the GOP they'll help them get re-elected? Is this why they're obstructing anything President Biden tries to do? Neither one has morals, and both driven by greed and their ego's.

When will the FDA approve the Moderna booster vaccine for people 65 and older?

Are they getting close? Anyone heard anything on it.
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