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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Manchin's actions refusing to vote for a minimum wage increase,

Will come back to haunt him. Along with other refusals to vote with Democrats when needed the most. His behavior will cause this to backfire badly against him.

Just got our 2nd Moderna shots this morning,

Hoping we have few issues , but not sore at all. Very organized and fast at the vaccine site, and took 35-40 minutes total.

When will the Merrick Garland final vote for AG be held in the Senate?

trump turning CCRAP into another propaganda outlet,

To project trump as already the party winner. That's all this is about, corrupting that group into submission for trump to use for PR now. Its all about him using this to grift money for himself, and to bully others in the republican party with. trump is not a republican, he's an extreme fascist who promotes white supremacy, and hate, and fear. Republicans who don't stand up against trump now are guilty of sedition, and corruption allowing him to go unchecked now. They've enabled trump to try to undermine our Democracy. trump's killing the republican party now to replace it with himself.

Why are some Senators against a minimum wage increase in the Covid bill,

When they've had 4 since 2005 , and the minimum wage hasn't been raised for 14 years. It raises people out of poverty, increases spending, increases tax revenues, lowers the gap between the rich and the poor which has always helped the economy. They've given themselves raises, so what's their excuse for these lower wage earners.

Trump has to run to use campaign funds to pay his debts with,

His only hope of paying his huge debt bills coming soon is to grift his followers and any big donors left ,that haven't run from him, to pay his bills with. Expect him to be claiming all kinds of bs to use to get money from his followers into his pockets. And to pay for his legal bills . He could also grift money from other countries claiming if elected he could be influenced to help them. Its all about the grift now. Big donors and corporations are running from him and Republicans.

Whose behind Qanon?

From what propaganda they use, Putin and trump is my guess. Their past patterns promoting propaganda are the same. Accuse others of what you're doing, claim they're victims. Lie then repeat the lie. Sound familiar? Using wealthy backers to finance it. Then deny , deny , deny any involvement.

Texas Gov Abbott failed Texans , not ERCOT or Democrats,

He was well aware of the 2011 power blackout storms , and the results of the investigation, but did nothing to make sure energy companies winterized their plants, resulting in massive shutdowns , and critically deceasing production. ERCOT distributes energy , and has no power to make private energy companies spend on winterizing, but Abbott and the legislators did. Instead Abbott first tried to blame renewable energy sources as the main culprit, which quickly backfired as a lie.
He now wants Texans to believe ERCOT lied claiming the energy grid was reliable, when a huge number of plants experienced problems from the extreme weather and shut down, putting ERCOT in a dangerous situation. Abbott failed to get what was needed done to protect the Texas energy grid, not ERCOT, or renewables, and he knew it and lied instead. If you've ever worked inside an energy plant, or refinery you never know for sure if instrumentation will function properly, or other outside of the plant resources will be affected. I saw on TV 185 Texas plants shut down from the storms , which no one could have predicted that, ERCOT or anyone else. Winterizing helps , but it can still happen if the weather is extreme like it has been.

How many crisis will it take Republican voters to go thru,

Before they realize Republicans in office will fail them in their time of need. Katrina, Harvey , PR hurricane response, Covid-19, California wildfire emergency help refusal from trump, The Texas severe weather events, and their continued stalling getting a Covid relief bill passed. They refuse to act on climate change, and reducing emissions , and trump did the opposite polluting a lot more, and Republican Govs said nothing. Now we wait in fear for our upcoming energy bills from their failure to make companies spend money to winterize, and now blame others for the energy system failures. They knew it hadn't been winterized, and ERCOT had no power to make them, but they did and did nothing. Watching Cruz now try to lie his way out of his running away from helping people in their time of need is very telling of the Republican Party now. Its interesting how much they want to regulate a woman's body, but refuse to regulate our most critical energy needs.

Where was Texas Gov Abbott?

He was well aware of energy companies problems in 2011 that resulted in blackouts, and what the investigation showed needed to be done, winterize, costing them. Since they support him he was not going to make them spend anything , and choose to let it go. Now he wants to blame others. He also is doing nothing now to prevent getting gouged with huge bills from these companies, and will do nothing but protect them again, just like he's done with siding with trump's EPA changes allowing more pollution, and going against President Biden's energy policy's going with electric vehicle's. Texas deserves better than Abbott and Cruz, way better.
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