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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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What could be coming next from Rudy and Matt, I think ,

They both will claim information on their electronic devices have been hacked, deny it was theirs, and had false info planted on them, but instead of russia, they'll claim others did it ( the deep state police maybe) working for the Democrats. Also either them or other trump minions will start in suggesting Democrats are laundering money, because others in their party are, and soon could get exposed for it. They use this reverse claims of what they are doing tactic regularly now.
Both Rudy and Matt will start making calls for money donations, which will piss trump off getting money he thinks he should be getting, then trump will publicly turn on both of them. They're trying to emulate how trump does to escape prosecutions, and con people into believing the opposite of the truth, and of course claim they are the victims, and his followers are too. Gaetz already is trying to suggest people could resort to violence for him, which will incite others to call for it too. They know what's about to happen to them,, and they're showing how extreme their desperation now is. I think in the end they'll flip on trump if given the chance to save themselves. I think trump knows this too, and will threaten them both. Just my opinion, so we will see soon what happens.

Why is Putin escalating attacks on the U.S. now?

Any idea's.. Is he behind these unknown energy attacks too? Is this retaliation for preventing his hackers from getting trump elected again like he did in 2016 ? Could this be because he knows soon people taking bribes and election help in our government are about to be exposed? He has to have a reason for doing this. I've had a fear from him a full scale cyber attack , and now a unknown energy source could cripple us all if not protected. Is this his goal, escalate for a larger attack? His escalation makes me wonder , why. Is he doing this now. Is our country ready if he try's doing this? I sure hope so.

The blocking by Republicans, for trump, the Jan 6th commission will expose them even more,

The real reason behind their position now to block it is I think because it'll incriminate some of them that were part of what happen. Moscow Mitch and putins puppets claim its a partisan political tactic designed to hurt them is a excuse, but I thinks its to hide their crimes, and prevent indictments of Republican members , and the former guy for what they did. Moscow Mitch and McCarthy know already they're going to lose their positions from this and/or trump. They had a chance for a bipartisan panel to look into this, and have chosen to reject that, so what will happen next should be one formed by Nancy in the House with Democrats, only.
The DOJ will also in time will release a lot more information , and expose them little by little until charges follow. The money people will also be exposed for their financing it. The guilty are desperately conspiring to obstruct justice now to stay out of prison by using their position of power to cover up their becoming exposed for organized criminal activities, and murders that happened, and they know they could be in legal trouble for .
trump will again make false claims while he tries to undermine anyone, or Department trying to expose him, and try to compromise people , bribe people, threaten people , and promote propaganda , and redirect attention towards others. Then if nothing works he'll suggest his followers must use violence for him, again. He'll threaten anyone who'll testify, and judges involved. He will promote propaganda in his PR campaign to incite and raise money from his followers. We'll see the biggest claim of being a victim ever to scam people out of money. In the end one way or another they will be all getting exposed, or we are screwed , and heading for putins russia here, where the rule of law is gone, and one person becomes the judge, jury , and executioner. Was putin behind this has to be addressed, and the truth has to be given to the American people, or our Democracy could be lost. Insurrectiongate is far from over.

Trumps already using a PR campaign to distort the truth on his criminal investigation(s)

And claim he's the victim again, then con his followers they are too. He'll be asking them for their money again for legal costs, and his campaign, but again neither will be true. Its always another con job to grift others , make others fight for him, and some of these fools will do it.

Could the people and companies ignoring audit protocol be sued,

After taking control of their voting machines , and by refusing to abide by the rules corrupting these machines , be liable for the costs replacing them?

So, if Rudy and the big liar are found to be committing criminal acts together,

Wouldn't that revoke his attorney client privilege, and all data could then be fair game from all his devices that were seized?

If Republicans in Congress are exposed being involved in the Jan 6th attack,

After voting against the forming of a commission to investigate, then can they be charged with obstruction of justice if they're exposed from the investigation they were involved? For Conspiracy?

Are election fraud claims being used to put corrupt or corruptible voting machines of Ivankas i

Are these false claims being used to intentionally corrupt the present voting machines so they can then install ivankas chinese machines, illegally smuggled into the country with a high ranking official in the department of transportations help, which like her dad the puppet said, the Democrats had people changing them (dominion machines) before then after the election so they could remotely switch votes, then remove illegal parts destroying evidence of how they flipped results. He has often claimed things he's doing. And to use it to shake down and corrupt those candidates while profiting from it. It likely was her dads idea for these machines, and she was used , then if caught they could claim they had no clue, and it was China behind it. And why an investigation was stopped against Moscow Mitch and his wife. Maybe how Mm and others in Congress got surpringly re-elected, and are so compromised .

Is Moscow Mitch really going to be resigning because of...

He and his wife being investigated for corruption, bribes, payoffs, and campaign finance laws broken, and money laundering, and his ties to russia and others with taking and giving out money and election influence? He knows they'll both be exposed soon maybe, and will claim is health is his excuse to leave?

If the GOP in the Senate obstructs a Jan. 6th commission,

Wouldn't it be a lot less corruptible if the AG Merrick Garland appoints a special prosecutor to look into it? I would trust his choice for a fair complete investigation with a well respected special prosecutor to look into this before any Republican being involved in any way having anything to do with this process.
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