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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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If the orange axxhole and his extremist GOP bunch want to use Afghanistan

To demonize President Biden with , then he and the Deomocrats should suggest they.'ll investigate where all the afghan war money went, and who profited, if they want to do to him like they did to Hillary. Trillions went missing .

Was W and Cheney attacked for letting 9-11 happen?

Or the orange liar attacked and asked to resign for directly helping a service members death in the failed Yemen raid? They both neither one blamed the Saudi's even though the were a majority of the hijackers. This was a set up disaster in the making by the orange liar, and expecting anyone to escape extremist terrorist attacks during the withdrawal is feeding you BS.
Remember the orange Hitler allowed putin to do as he pleased killing people with poison around the world and said nothing. The orange Hitler allowed Kim Jung Un to fully test nuclear weapons, and complete testing for a delivery system capable of striking the USA , and he did nothing. Now he and his terrorist extremist fascist, formerly republicans, are calling for President Biden to resign, lol. We have domestic terrorist attacking Americans, again, and using the same tactics the used to demonize Hillary with, falsely.
These domestic terrorist are our biggest threat , not others outside our country. Just look how they're killing people with Covid because of them, especially Orange Hitler. They're doing everything they can to take away your vote, so they can dictate what you can and can't do, and our Democracy and freedoms are gone. ISIS-K and the Taliban are nothing compared to these domestic terrorist attacking us and our government now. Domestic terrorist are our biggest threat this country's ever faced.

Did Igor Fruman plead guilty Wed. ?

Like reports were saying he would on Tuesday. Never heard anything about that. Is this behind the reported increase in security on Friday for SDNY, and is this an indication that indictments could be coming then? Ghouliani?

Will any of these audit Companies or politicians face consequences,

For conspiring to undermine federal or state election results ? We're seeing these lawyers facing consequences for their fraudulent lawsuits now, so will companies brought in to intentionally undermine the results by politicians hiring them to falsely manufacture evidence to get the results the politicians want. Wouldn't both groups be liable in both criminal, and civil courts? Fixing election results is a crime, isn't it?

Does Merrick Garland need to appoint a Special prosecutor now?

To investigate those in government who profited from the virus. Federal and state. Those who got stocks, promoted policies or treatments for profits, and any who made money from it from allowing its spread.

This Afghanistan situation was a setup,

The former guy intentionally undermined the results by reducing troop levels too low, which some in his administration told him and he ignored them. Then he got the terrorist Taliban leader with his 5,000 terrorist fighters released to aide them in retaking of the Afghan government, and now wants to claim others failed. The former guy claims they couldn't stop the process, which is odd because they wanted out years ago. The media should show the former guy aided terrorist, again, and caused this situation, and stop attacking those that were handed this mess. I turn the channel when they do that. The former guy doesn't know a terrorist he doesn't like, or aides if he can.

Putin's puppet gave terrorist in Afghanistan everything they wanted,

While now claiming its President Biden's fault, when the Taliban broke the puppets agreed upon peace deal. American terrorists publicly siding with the Taliban should scare us all now. The media coverage is pitiful, while we are being attacked here still.

How long before we learn who approved and had brokered the Taliben peace deal?

I've always suspected Putin was behind this deal to get Baradar and his 5,000 fighters released using his puppet , and to create chaos to hurt Biden with. I don't think his puppet would do anything like this without being ordered to or approval of by Putin. This looks and smells of Putin. Did they bribe or threaten the Afghan fighters to not fight them , or else?

Did the former guy get bribed by the Taliban in any way?

To get the co-founder of the Taliban Abdul Baradar released from a Pakistan prison, and 5,000 Taliban fighters from prisons for money for his PAC's,, or for favors ? Maybe for this rush to retake the country to make Biden look bad. When it was announced from the start I felt his intentions were corrupt. I always suspected he's done this before with N.K. And others.

How can we ever have a healthy Democracy,

When politicians are allowed to profit from disasters , and wars? The truth being kept from us what they've done, or giving those in power no or reduced consequences from their corruption and crimes. When they get payoffs from the wealthy for policy's, or protection. We need the complete truth, and equal justice with equal consequences, or it will fail. Corruption still running wild in our government.
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