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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Why the TFG's rigged election claims will fail,

Over 60 times he's gone to court and Not once provided any proof under oath backing any claims he's made, why? Because he knows they're lies, and to use to promote legislation used to undermine future elections. Just another form of election fraud. Those involved are conspiring to break federal election laws, and like his fake electors did, and will face felonies soon. TFG knows he lost , and had planned doing the same thing after the 2016 election. If put under oath and asked for proof he wouldn't have it, then claim someone told him, and he believed them as his excuse. He's done this before, and you'd think more people would catch on to this serial liars tactics.

This is what a Fascist takeover looks like,

The installation of an illegitimate leader from bribes, and being compromised, and from corruption, and a party (the GOP) being bribed from dark money for their campaigns and their own pockets to promote their propaganda and agenda weakening our Democracy using any way they can. Now we'll see some in Congress and some out of the government backing Russsia's putins aggression in the Ukraine, and acting like putin is a great leader.

The fascists are hiding behind the name Republicans , who aren't conservative, they're extremist domestic terrorist who are corrupt , and are serial liars, who psychologically manipulate people to believe the opposite of the truth. The rule of law , and science is ignored unless it benefits them. Putins behind this for revenge, and unless its stopped , we're heading here for Putins russia, where only the most corrupt, the worst people are allowed to prosper, while everyone else pays for it.

We have Americans rooting for putin to succeed now. Unbelievable. This is how fascism works.

Newt showed everyone once again why he no longer holds office,

He's a serial liar, and a radical extremist, and fascist wanting attention, and will say anything to seem relevant again. Fascist always use this tactic against their opposition, and accuse them of what they're doing by using propaganda claims to con their followers with it.

Media and journalist need to press the pro russia GOP now,

And any Democrats their positions on putins aggression and if they support actions against putin. The ones getting bribes won't answer, and excuse it away, and others will openly back sanctions or military support. It'll expose some of them.

Why Ivanke will refuse to appear before the Jan 6th Committee,

She'll be forced to admit TGF knows the election fraud claims are bogus, and he planned ways trying to corrupt the election results, and she knew what he planned on Jan 6th, or lie and put herself in legal jeopardy. She knows way too much to go in front of them sworn to tell the truth. She's going to be squeezed anyway she goes.

How to know TFG knew he lost the election and has been lying all along,

1. If he had proof it was corrupted, why wouldn't he have had his lawyers provide it to a judge in 60+ courtroom lawsuits he filed and lost?
2. If he won like he claims why did he call GA officials trying to bully and threaten them to change their results?
3. If he won, by a landslide he often claims, how come not recounts and state investigations showed nothing?
4. How come Bill Barr and others in his administration publicly say it wasn't corrupted and was a fair election.
5. Why did he unleash so many criminal schemes to try to reverse results?
6. Why did he try to bully and threaten Pence, even getting a gallows built in front of the capital, which had to have been preplanned?
7. If he won by a landslide like he claims he did, why was he projecting if he lost it would be from corruption, when he had full control off the DOJ to uncover it?
8. When has he ever shown proof when he had plenty of times when speaking to his followers to do so?
9. Why did he have bogus electors from certain states try to switch who won?
10. Why did he schedule his Jan 6th rally at the same time the Congress was meeting, and he sent his followers to stop the official proceedings, if he knew and had proof he won?
He knows he's lying , and is using this to generate money, and doubt to incite his followers with it for power against others in the GOP, and to shake down the RNC for money. He has done this before by making false claims, remember how he claimed Obama wasn't born here, and he claimed his investigators were finding all kinds of stuff, he claimed. Now he's got others in the GOP legislating ways to control future election results corruptly. He knows he lost, and he knows he's lying. That's what a con artist does, lies, a lot.

So, now that TFG lost his executive privilege case,

How long before others who've refused to appear before the Jan 6th committee get indicted ? Or will they beg to appear now to escape getting charged, then refuse to answer using the 5th?

The orange loser once again exposing himself by his projecting Dem behind election fraud,

Which usually means he knows soon he'll be getting indicted for election crimes, likely from Ga . He uses this tactic often before something comes out exposing his corruption. His patterns don't change very often. He always tries to claim thing against others he can never prove in court. These statements precluding his indictment could backfire on him, and expose him a lot more. Then he'll have his lawyers tie it up in court knowing he's guilty.

Members of Congress are our employees , so why should they be allowed to refuse subpoena's ?

They aren't above the law. They can't be allowed to corruptly do as they please with no oversight, or the corruption continues, and worsens without substantial consequences. Oversight for revenge also needs to be addressed as well, and those using it as a political weapon need to have consequences for abusing it. The Democrats need to go after anyone who was involved with the capital attack, and they need to be exposed, and the Supreme Court refusing the Jan 6th Committee to do this is basically obstruction of justice, and gives corrupt politicians immunity from the rule of law. The Dems need to speed things up too before time runs out on them. The Supreme Court members also needs looking into for involvement, and ties to the capital attack if there is anything exposed they were. We also need the whole truth.

Once again we see negative projection onto the FBI, this time for the Jan. 6th insurrection

Ted Cruz and others trying to con people into believing lies to lesson attention onto themselves. They've used this tactic before. They're projecting false claims onto them to make them look corrupt , when they know they are the corrupt ones who participated in the attack, and very likely the FBI has the proof against them. The orange loser used the same tactic on the FBI with russia. Was Cruz instructed to do this ?
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