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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Fascist Putin using nazi's claim while going after Jewish people,

Expose his accuse others of his actions like TFG has often done.

When will the russia mafia be added to the oligarch commission?

It would also hurt putin , and those that have dealing here with them. TFG?

I would like to believe this is what is actually happening now,

Our NSA and CIA fed TFG false top secret information to pass onto Putin regarding our weapons, including our nuclear defense systems and nuclear weapons codes, knowing this could happen, and are setting putin up, then go after TFG for his role in it. Its already been exposed he stole top secret classified documents.

All Americans should take note what the consequences are for the Russian people,

Who supported a sadistic lying corrupt madman dictator who invades another Democracy with lies for power, greed, and ego. They're heading for one of the worse depressions seen in our lifetime in Russia from his actions. Putin will soon be threatening to hurt them for this happening to him. TFG is the same thing as Putin. A loser, and a threat to the USA and the world. Putin killing women and children and the elderly then being called a genius, smart and savvy should scare the hell out of everyone.

Exodus starting next from Russia?

With putin destroying the economy there I expect many to flee putin's nightmare he's created, and some Russian's fleeing to another country for safety, and stability.

Perfect time now for US to go after the Russian mob here,

And those who use them here.

Governors around the country by executive orders are banning russian spirits from being sold,

So where's Tx Gov. Abbott , and Florida Gov. Desantis at? Why haven't they joined in yet? Who's side they on? Putin's or America and Democracy? 4...3...2...1 let the excuses begin they won't go against putin, .

If TFG or a republican was in office we could be seeing a similar thing here,

With Mexico, by them saying and claiming immigration, or drugs, or crime was justification, while they allow their organized Mafia criminals to bring drugs in , and carry out crimes , and remember TFG said that should be used here at the southern border. Any republican siding with putin is either on the take, or compromised, and corrupted , and putin is behind their actions, in this country. Unbelievable.

Is it the right time now for a special group formed by the DOJ,

To target the russian mafia in this country?

With Russian banks frozen,

Where TFG , his. Family, and the fascist traitors in the GOP going to get their dark money from now?
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