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John Fante

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Member since: Fri Dec 29, 2017, 09:42 PM
Number of posts: 3,479

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If the reverse were true, Trump would be tweeting the results for all to see.

He LOVES polls when the numbers are favorable to him.

Think Trump would have served cold burgers and fries

to the Russian Olympic team? Not likely.

Nope. It takes a special brand of idiot to play songs with unflattering titles

at his own rallies. The song could be titled "Trump is a Fucking Asshole" and if he thinks it's catchy, he'll play it.

The last line is the most telling. Right-wing evangelicals

can rattle off Bible verses with the best of them, but their actions are the antithesis of everything Jesus Christ stood for.

Sorry, I was just commenting

on the absurdity of those memes in general. I think it's great that the idiots who make them are miserable today.
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