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Progressive Jones

Progressive Jones's Journal
Progressive Jones's Journal
May 25, 2019

How long will the members of the RW propaganda apparatus be allowed to hide behind

the "freedom of the press"?
They are not the press. They are a PR agency, at best, and filthy traitors, at worst.
I think they're dangerous enemies of the United States, and believe they should be treated as such.

March 17, 2019

Serious question? Is there a mechanism/procedure in the US Constitution for

"nullifying" a Presidency that was obtained illegally?

March 3, 2019

An observation about the Trump/GOP panic.

The GOP seems to be going to great lengths to protect Trump. This would actually seem normal on the surface. A party is going to stand up for it's own guy if he's in the WH. But, there is nothing "normal" going on...

Except for signing laws the GOP wants passed, the GOP has no use for Trump. He's obviously a problem, but he can be shoved out of the way whenever that becomes necessary.

I would say that many, many GOP members in the Senate, House, and even statehouses, could be implicated in the various investigations into the Trump crime spree. I suspect that an elected GOP member or members could have become a Russian asset. There is already info out there that the NRA was turned into a Russian asset. Clearly, right wingers other than Trump were/are involved. Michael Flynn was but one. This could blow a huge hole in the GOP, leaving a void for Progressives to fill. Even if a particular Senator is eventually found to have committed no crimes, their name will have already been dragged through the mud of the Trump sty enough to cause voters to turn away.

Just my $.02

February 14, 2019

To People Of Color...

As a white man, with insider knowledge, I can assure you that there are way more hateful, racist white a-holes than you probably already imagine.

However, take heart in the fact that there are way more white people who are your allies than you probably imagine.

We're trying, believe me. We can't turn all of the racists around overnight, but we're trying.

February 13, 2019

So, this happened today at work...

A discussion was going on in the break room about Trump lying in regards to attendance at last night's MAGAWALL rally in El Paso, TX.
At some point, I said, "Yeah, well Trump's always lying. What else would you expect?" I guess this got one of the Magaboys riled up.
He says, "Fuck You!" I laughed. He shouts "Shut Up!" I laughed again, and asked, "Are you my boss?", knowing full well he's not. He then shouts "Fuck You!!!" even louder. He then starts ranting about how "all you fuckin' libtards hate this country, blah, blah, blah...!!!". His supervisor, who was in the room, says, "Chill out. Now.". Magaboy then gets up, gets in my face, and screams "Fuck You, Commie!!!" I snickered. He sucker punched me in the eye, and leg sweeps me. I hit the floor, and he jumps on me, with a box cutter (unopened) in his hand. The other guys pulled him off me, and dragged him out of the room. The last time I saw him, he was in the boss' office, blubbering like a baby. The boss told him to get out of his office. The boss asked me if I was OK, did I want to go to the clinic, did I want to call the police, etc. Except for the swelling, I was OK, and I didn't want the cops involved. I have no time to be going to court over this slug. I'm pretty sure the boss was concerned with a lawsuit, as well, but that won't happen. I like my boss a lot, and love my job.

This is what things have come to. Magaboys losing their shit over something most Americans are in agreement on. Pathetic.

December 15, 2018

Trump is only temporary, regardless of where the chips fall.

The GOP is the persistent problem, and we must do all we can to cripple what is left of that party after the multiple investigations that are going on right now.

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