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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,013

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Friend is in early stages of Parkinsons. Soon to be in wheelchair.

He is looking for suggestions on equipment and strategies to pursue photography. I thought of a platform across the arms of the wheelchair. Small tripod with ball adjustment. Remote shutter device.

Any other ideas?

Because of the D.C. riots, I ain't gonna see my friend for a looooong, looooooooonnnnnng, time.

She is a federal public defender..they fly her all over the country to defend indigent people. I guess she will be quite busy now.

Annuity... Good or bad?

Cousin, age 77 is selling business. He will net 600k. He will have no other income but SS and $1,200 net from a rental property.

Sales agent is presenting the idea of an annuity.

Your thoughts?

Our shit-show of a gub'mint..riddle me this....

In about two week's time, they shove through legislation to give a couple'a billion in tax breaks to businesses. If this were put on a public referendum, it would fail.

Then, a referendum that does have public support, sale of marijuana, passes. Two months go by and nothing.

Our legislature's actions remind me of some saying my dear old father used to have, whenever I fucked something up. I don't recall the exact wording of his invective, but it was about something called a wet dream.

If there are aliens here, or on other planets- star systems,

Did Jesus die for their sins?

If so, does Jesus need as much money on the planet, Xylophone as he does here?

Cannabis oil vape pen w/ oil

Grandson got me one for Xmas. After getting it home and figuring out what it was, I'm embarrassed too tell him I don't know how to use it.

Fair price sell house to daughter?

So..... Three daughters to share assets upon our demise. Daughter in question lives on second floor with her family. It is a 2 family house. We live on the first floor. Other daughters have their own houses.

Plan is to sell the house to her, while retaining life estates for ourselves. Her and husband would get full control of house when we die or go into assisted living.

House appraises at 600k. She would share in remaining assets when we die.

Is $400k a fair sale price? More or less?

Here's one for ya, Bunky.

Grandkid is in advanced, 2nd grade and enjoys reading. He is now reading his father's book about the Battle of the Bulge. But he can't write a book report about it because it is about violence and includes weapons.

What da fuck?

Eliot Spitzer for A.G.

He as a reason to kick ass.

Wegman's - Bridgewater, earlier this week.

s'posed ta be senior shopping from 9 - 10 a.m. Friend goes in to senior shop, 'sept the place is packed, seniors and others. Clerk is confronted. "Nuthin' we can do about it."

Manager comes. "You can't expect us to check id's. That they do it for liquor sales doesn't seem to matter.

She reported to the state agency and they will look into it. I believe this will result in a visit or action against the store.

Meanwhile, they lost a customer.... says she won't go back there, regardless of the outcome.

I won't ether.
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