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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,085

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Alert "GoFundMe" about baby trump slasher.

Someone started a G.F.M. appeal about

It is titled, " Restitutions for Baby Trump Slasher."

It is against G.F.M. policy to solicit on behalf of criminal actions.

I tried to navigate the site but was unsuccessful. We need someone to post an alert about this solicitation.

Col. Sanders Halloween, suburban, South Orange, N.J.

Son-in-law and daughter raise chickens, for eggs and later as pets.

SIL gets dressed as Colonel Sanders and takes a chicken (General Tso, to be exact) halloweening with him.

Walking down the street, teenagers --- "That chicken's alive."

Jon: "No, it isn't."

Kid: "Yes, it is."

Jon: "No, I killed it 20 minutes, ago."

General Tso: (Ruining it all) "Cluck, cluck, cluck!"

Kids got a kick out'a it.

Nita Lowey will not seek reelection.

From The Hill.

First elected in 1988.

Towards impeachment--

A best approach would be to focus on White House attempts to influence or hinder activity of the the I.R S..

It is easier to understand than is Ukrainian extortion.

Can someone start a G.F.M. for Tucker Carlson.

He needs a new toop.

The present one looks like a dead, black cat.

Any reports of ICE raids?

Selling home to 1 of 4 siblings. How to be fair?

4 Sibs. All are married. 3 Own their own homes and the 4th rents the 2nd floor of our 2 family home. They want to buy it and give us a life estate. We are happy to have this happen. It would give someone to look after us when we reach our dotage. We are in our 70's and in relatively good health.

House is valued at approx. $400k. What would be the value of life estate? That would be subtracted from the appraised value of the house. We would still pay our share of taxes and utility. Should we value the "sale" price based on our paying rent or lower sale price based on our paying no rent?

Original intention was to will the house to the 4 daughters and have them sell the house to divide proceeds. What would be fair to the 3 sibs?

Anything else to be considered?

Did anyone have improvement with gambling addiction?

So SpaceX puts 60 satellites in orbit... and they plan to add 11,988 more.

At the same time, we read about space junk endangering existing satellites and even the space station. Am I missing something?

Edited to correct number of satellites.
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