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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
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Article in today's Newark (NJ) Star ledger. Two yahoo town councils in a conservative county,

voted to declare their towns, sanctuary towns for guns. This is in response to the governor signing legislation to allow judges to order the removal of guns from dangerous individuals.

My letter to the editor in response, quoted the great 20th century statesman, orator and philosopher, Joe the Plumber.

"Your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional right to have guns."

Followed by my asking how the parents in those communities feel about their councils' actions.

Yeah, I got a slightly bad heart. Not serious. It can be fixed. I am 77.

--- and I am figuring, there are about five circumstances under which I will be carried out, feet first: Cancer, stroke, general all American Alzheimers, car accident or heart attack.

Of the five, the last two seem to offer the easiest death. That leads me to question, should I bother with corrective measures to prevent a heart attack?

Hallmark - better idea

In addition to not watching their channel, don't buy their cards or wrapping paper.

Da fukkin mid-west gets legal marij.

N.J. can't get its shit together after two years.

However, we do get Schiano for a coupl'a $m.

Was I too harsh? & Cal. law ??

Relative lives in Ca. She is nearly broke and it would not surprise me to find her homeless in a couple of years. Her mother is in the dementia unit of an assisted living facility -- on Calcare (medicaid, for the rest of us). When a resident dies, the body must be removed within four hours. I guess it is a state health regulation.

Mom, does not have long to live and daughter went to social worker to learn about making plans for the future funeral. S.W. advised her to go to a funeral home and set up an account -- maybe $50 or so a week to pay for the funeral.

I told her to go back to the social worker with three sentences ---
"My mother is destitute.
I am destitute.
What happens to my mother's body when there is no money to pay for a funeral and her body is not claimed?"

First question: Does anyone on D.U. know what happens to unclaimed bodies? What does the state of California provide?

Second question: Was i too harsh - cold to her? I felt a need to be direct with her. She relies on me for advice and listens to 80% of what I tell her to do. But she is also, not assertive. I have to present an idea two or three times before she follows up on it. There is kind of a time emergency for her to act. Not imminent, but certainly not too long into future.

I live on the east coast so I am not able to sit with her over a cup of coffee and give her a long dissertation. As far as I know, I may be her only support.

Dave Ramsey and class structure.

I have been listening to D.R. for several months. It's interesting, kind'a like a financial reality show.

Sometimes, I even learn something.

Anyway, one of the features, is the "Debt Free Scream." Peeps get to announce to the listening world that they have paid off all their debts. That's great. Then, Dave asks how much they paid off, how long it took and their annual income.

It struck me, in the several months I have been listening, I can't recall any Debt Free-er earning less than $60k.

I agree that people earning less than 60K can learn and benefit from the basic advice; avoid credit, spend wisely and work hard to pay off debt. But I wonder if the economic class structure is such that most low income earners can't ever get out of debt if they are already in debt.

Has the Orange Asshole been seen in public since his partial, annual physical?

Has he been hitting the Twitter send button?

Alert "GoFundMe" about baby trump slasher.

Someone started a G.F.M. appeal about

It is titled, " Restitutions for Baby Trump Slasher."

It is against G.F.M. policy to solicit on behalf of criminal actions.

I tried to navigate the site but was unsuccessful. We need someone to post an alert about this solicitation.

Col. Sanders Halloween, suburban, South Orange, N.J.

Son-in-law and daughter raise chickens, for eggs and later as pets.

SIL gets dressed as Colonel Sanders and takes a chicken (General Tso, to be exact) halloweening with him.

Walking down the street, teenagers --- "That chicken's alive."

Jon: "No, it isn't."

Kid: "Yes, it is."

Jon: "No, I killed it 20 minutes, ago."

General Tso: (Ruining it all) "Cluck, cluck, cluck!"

Kids got a kick out'a it.

Nita Lowey will not seek reelection.

From The Hill.

First elected in 1988.
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