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Virus: What could gov't. really do?

There are complaints that the orange asshole defunded C.D.C. If it had full funding, what could it do against a virus that has no vaccine?

Set up quarantine stations? Distribute face masks? Tell people to wash their hands and cough into their sleeves?

I had a kind'a upsetting day.

Got a letter inviting me to my h.s. class 60th reunion. Included was a listing of deceased class members.... 54 of them of a class of 153.

Some were strong athletes in the day... our school teams won many state championships in football and track.

Some were girls who distracted me from my studies. I know I would'a gone to Harvard or Columbia if I didn't spend class time looking at them out of the corner of my eye and pondering --- well, lets not go there. As it was, my graduating class rank was third from the bottom. I blame them girls on it.

Several became lawyers, school teachers, principals -- one was even a Nobel Prize laureate.

Some were friends. One of them, I couldn't stand because he was a bit of a bully to me.

Most of them just got through school as best as they could like everyone else. Contrary to popular sayings, high school is not the best time of most of our lives. That, I learned one night in a hotel room in the Poconos. It was a couple of years after h.s. and I was on a ski trip with a group of employees from a local insurance company. It was about 1 a.m., I was in the room getting ready for bed when the door opened and my new room mate came in, three sheets to the wind. Bar had just closed for the night. We made introductions and recognized we were both from the same school. He was two years ahead of me.

He was on the football team that had won the state championship, two years in a row. I envied him at that time. I weighed 105 lbs. in my senior year and I wasn't scheduled to excel at any sport. I told him I remembered watching him at the football field and how good a player he was. It was at that point, he broke down in tears, remembering the pain of getting hit and the emotional pain of having his play not meet his father's expectation of a top notch football player.

Two years ago, I encountered the quarterback of the team in our senior year. He broke his hip during a game and now walks bent over a cane from arthritis where he had his injury.

I concluded that maybe I didn't have it so bad, after all.

I don't know if I will attend the reunion. The two people I was closest to are on the deceased list. Those that are left, nothing against them but would there be anything to talk about besides grand kids, how I screwed up my marriage and how I screwed up most of the jobs I had.

Anyway, that's what's going through my head tonight.

I Hope Dick Cheney Wins The Auction Bid.

Safari Club International is hosting an auction for a trip to go trophy hunting with Donald Trump Jr.

(As per article in The Guardian.)

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