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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
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Interviewing the Orange Asshole ...

His strategy is...

Make an assholic statement or lie.

---he is challenged.

His response is that the interviewer is wrong. "Bring me the paper." or "People are saying."

The paper doesn't show up and the topic gets changed. Fox viewers then see he "owned the lib'tard."

Interviewers need to determine the questions they are going to ask. Then they need to have supporting documents on hand to place in his little fingers.

BE AFRAID ! President Christie

Chris Christie announced he is a candidate in '24.

He did such a great job for New Jersey .....

Perfect response to "Sleepy Joe."

Tell ya what, Demented Don, I challenge you to a quarter mile race. I'll even give you a 300 yard head start on your golf cart.

Lightning Bugs.... (Fire Flies, if you prefer).

My daughter bought 3 acres in rural, western N.J. The perimeter of her yard is filled with mature trees, maybe 75 - 90 ft. in height. We visited last evening, just enjoying the sunset. Rachel said we should stay and watch the Fire Flies. They will begin flashing in the un-mowed grass. Then they will rise higher and higher until the trees look as if they are filled with hundreds of fiber optic lights.

We stayed until 10:00, watching until the yellow lights reached the tops of the trees. Stayed, just enjoying being.
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