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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,716

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What'd ya do- public adjuster Performing poorly?

House was burned out- totaled.

Public adjuster negotiated compensation that is $150k less than replacement cost.

... says that is the best he can do.

- new Jersey

for when he starts wandering behind Joe, like he did with Hillary---

"Excuse me, Don. Are you looking for where you parked your Buick?"

EZ-Pass $50 fine victim?

A law firm has a class action case against EZ-pass for excessive fines for toll violations. The case is in MIddlesex County Court in New Brunswick.

If you were a victim of this or received a notice of violation that you paid or that went into collections, email: rfair@rccblaw.com

Need Help ! 2nd grade math, for chrissakes.

How does one use Associative and Commutative Properties to solve a multiplication problem?

How's Eric gonna 'splain this to Cyrus? N/T

--- a chill wind blowing down Pennsylvania Avenue. N/T

$70K to walk around with a dead cat on his head?

Davy Crockett could at least afford a dead racoon.

Its almost October: Here's your SURPRISE !!!

Donny Dimwit's tax returns for your bathroom reading pleasure.

Tomorrow's another day with few choices.....

Kids are gone.

House is empty.

Places I would normally go to in order to watch fall foliage with friends, well the friends are cooped up with virus prevention. I do not look forward to a long drive in the car by myself.

This is the scenario that leads me to the casino for a loss of a couple'a hundred. I don't over-gamble. It's just a way to kill a couple of hours during mild depression.

Good day, today. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Temperature, low 70"s. So, I went on a hike

with my club. 6 1/2 miles with a total gain of 10 stories (as per the iPhone app).

Lot of huffing and puffing on my part as i am out of condition from not doing much hiking since March. Also I am overweight.

But I kept up and the scenery was beautiful (N.J.) with the hills of Penna. in the background. One Bald Eagle overhead... not much of a surprise since there is an Eagle's nest on the hike location's property.

Two more club hikes scheduled this week, tomorrow and Saturday. I plan to do both.
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