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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
Number of posts: 5,400

Journal Archives

New iMac. -- I can't get sound.

It was working up until two hours ago.

Mute is not enabled. Sound level on bottom of videos is at high.

Stepdaughter birthday gifted me with two joints she bought in Massachusetts and took back to N.J.

Around 11 pm, was on the patio singing to myself, "Everybody must get stoned."

Relax folks. Your prayers were re-directed to me ...............

Nobel prize for Hope Hicks? N.T

No more making fun of Jesus or his followers.

He answered my prayers so I'm holding up my part of the bargain.

What'd ya do- public adjuster Performing poorly?

House was burned out- totaled.

Public adjuster negotiated compensation that is $150k less than replacement cost.

... says that is the best he can do.

- new Jersey

for when he starts wandering behind Joe, like he did with Hillary---

"Excuse me, Don. Are you looking for where you parked your Buick?"

EZ-Pass $50 fine victim?

A law firm has a class action case against EZ-pass for excessive fines for toll violations. The case is in MIddlesex County Court in New Brunswick.

If you were a victim of this or received a notice of violation that you paid or that went into collections, email: rfair@rccblaw.com

Need Help ! 2nd grade math, for chrissakes.

How does one use Associative and Commutative Properties to solve a multiplication problem?

How's Eric gonna 'splain this to Cyrus? N/T

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