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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
Number of posts: 6,851

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Netflix: Miami Stagegand - Britis disgrace

This covers the Thatcher government assassination of members of an Irish rock band.

So what's to stop Orange Anus

from getting off the toilet this morning, pulling out a pen and writing a pardon on White House stationary -- back-dating it January 20, 2017.

Howe would that be different than a secret pardon we are talking about?

Fuck. Now watch our taxes go up.

Because Joe ain't gonna complete the wall, Mexico is gonna want its money back.

Our taxes will have to go up to repay Mexico.

Positive result of Trump's tenure: Price of G.W. Bush Voodoo dolls in freefall.

WallyWorld has 'em on sale for $2.99

Pins extra. Pins with fishhook barbs, $4.99

Zoom, remote class frustration

Daughter is monitoring 5th graders's remote class to keep the tyke from "drifting."

Student: (Not my grandson) " We're too tired to sing and dance at the same time."

Teacher: "I'm old and I'm fat and I'm tired, too. If I can sing and dance at the same time, you can, frustrationtoo."

Ya said Sheldon Adelson died?

Don't look at me.... weren't anywheres near him.

Friend is in early stages of Parkinsons. Soon to be in wheelchair.

He is looking for suggestions on equipment and strategies to pursue photography. I thought of a platform across the arms of the wheelchair. Small tripod with ball adjustment. Remote shutter device.

Any other ideas?

Because of the D.C. riots, I ain't gonna see my friend for a looooong, looooooooonnnnnng, time.

She is a federal public defender..they fly her all over the country to defend indigent people. I guess she will be quite busy now.

Annuity... Good or bad?

Cousin, age 77 is selling business. He will net 600k. He will have no other income but SS and $1,200 net from a rental property.

Sales agent is presenting the idea of an annuity.

Your thoughts?

Our shit-show of a gub'mint..riddle me this....

In about two week's time, they shove through legislation to give a couple'a billion in tax breaks to businesses. If this were put on a public referendum, it would fail.

Then, a referendum that does have public support, sale of marijuana, passes. Two months go by and nothing.

Our legislature's actions remind me of some saying my dear old father used to have, whenever I fucked something up. I don't recall the exact wording of his invective, but it was about something called a wet dream.

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