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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
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FUCK !!! High school reunion coming up. We are 80. So probably the last one or two.

Close enough to attend. I still don't want to because not too friendly with classmates. Still there are two people I hung out with, I would have liked to see or know how they turned out.

Dave died.

Then comes a reunion update and Don posts a picture of himself in a MAGA hat.

So much for the reunion.

I'M PISSED !!! Anti-vax asshole.

She's always been a nut case. We would invite her to lunch or supper to see what horseshoe she was focusing on. Then we would have a good laugh or two.

Yesterday was a memorial event for our friend/lover/parent who died last year. About 75 people for an outdoor gathering, including kids. This is N.j. so we were all 2vac months ago. EXCEPT HER. But she doesn't tell anybody or mask up.

Our kids were there and they aren't vaccinated.

NJMVC Fucked up. (But you already know that.)

I work for a company that has heavy duty trucks. Our registration is issued through the Trenton office. You go there, pay them and get a registration for your trucks. The registration is on 81/2 x 11 copy paper and is unlike the small paper you get in the mail for your car.

Anyway, I have been filling out checks and submitting them at the counter in Trenton for the last 15 years or so. I fill out the check and they print out the registration. Data from the last year's registration is used as a template to fill out the application for the renewals.

So two weeks ago, I show up with a check, insurance information and so forth. Clerk says that I can't renew because the trucks have not been registered for three years.

I show her the registrations for the last two years, then she has the balls to tell me the registrations that they issued are fraudulent.


So I go back with copies of cancelled check made out to NJMVJC that I submitted to pay for the last three years of registrations.

Nope. Still fraudulent.

I am not asking or advice, just pointing out their assholery.

I.R.S. is fucked up. Use'ta be a time when you could walk into an I.R.S. office and get some help.

Now, ya need an appointment. But try calling to get one. After about 2 minutes of phone tree bullshit and that what you are looking for may be on IRS.Gov, you get to the "Press 1 to schedule an appointment at an IRS office."

So ya press ! and wait. Two or three minutes later, phone lines are busy, please try again at a later date."

I am trying to get copies of paid receipts for from 2290 for the last three years. This form deals with tax on heavy duty trucks. The taxes were paid through the accountant's office but he died and we cannot get the info. from him.

Rinse and repeat.

What's for breakfast? New Jersey's own.

Mostly N.J., anyway.

Fried Taylor Ham loaf. This is a New Jersey thing, King's had mini loafs. It seem you need a U.S.D.A. special license to ship meat products across state lines. Transplanted Jersians ask visitors to bring packages of this stuff when they come to visit. Coolers of the stuff also go home after visits.

Blueberries from my yard. Eggs from my daughter's chickens.

Slow cooked grits from Carolina Plantation, mixed with ghost BB! sauce from Minute Man Bbq in Basking Ridge N.J.

Coffee, I roasted the beans. 50/50 of Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain. Add Fennel pollen and cinnamon.

Needless to say, I don't eat lunch on Sundays.

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