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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
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Lynn planted mint in our yard. It has spread out, since.

She died last July of kidney failure.

Today found me sitting in the yard watching birds, trees , one grandkid and passing-by neighbors.

We have workmen doing repair and I got a strong smell of mint as one of the workmen brushed against the mint.

Thanks, Lynn


Ladies -- what makes a good lover? I may have a chance and I don't want to screw it up.

Is it about breaking the furniture during a wild night? I am probably more better off asking about sensitivity. But I am asking you guys and should keep my own preconceptions out of it.

And I wonder if I will get any answers at all but you guys are where I am most likely to get a straight, honest answer.

Hospitals to patients: FUCK YIZ ALL !

This morning's Newark Star-Ledger tells the story of a nurse in Hackensack Meridian Health. Seems she figured out, all by herself,
that the hospital's requirement to get vaccinated was an example of government over-control. Thus, she sought and received an exemption BASED ON RELIGION.

Fast forward, she gets an ICU patient with the same demographics as her --- 30 years of age, 2 kids, unvaccinated. The patient died and our heroine decides, maybe that Jesus fella wasn't right after all. And she gets vaccinated, becoming a front page story as a lesson to other unvaccinated people that maybe vaccination is a good idea.

This takes me to the hospital, Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH). A spokesman for the business tells us that 6% of its staff are unvaccinated. Think about that. They have 33,000 employees and 1,980 of them (now, minus 1) are unvaccinated and interacting with patients and the public. And based on privacy, we can't even know which ones of those are followers of Jesus.

And what about Atlantic Health and St. Barnabas?

Solution: Hospitals should do as United Airlines did with their employees. If you ain't vaccinated, take an unpaid leave until the pandemic is over.

Carry on,

Well, next year I'm 80. So far I'm learning,

80 is the new 85.

So I go to my cardiologist. I am 79. Small aneurism that is monitored and not getting bigger.

She proposes a stress test with radioactive contrast. I refuse.I don't know if I will accept any invasive treatment Pacemaker or surgery.. I am treated with drugs which keep me going with some quality of life.

So why refuse the test? I figure I have four ways to go.... and "go," we all will. Accident is the least likely but probably the best. Heart attack is also likely and also quickest. I would like to go like Rockefeller - he didn't know if he was coming or going.

Then there's the prospect of years in LA-La land like my mother when she couldn't recall her own name. Or cancer, like Joyce, when she couldn't wait for it to be over.

I am half interested in giving the least support to preventing a heart attack.

My life now isn't bad but there is little joy in it. I haven't had sex in over 10 years, I am old, and fat and broke and there is no chance that any woman is going to find me hot.

I post this kind of stuff here as a way to organize my thoughts, see if there is anything I missed and kind of as a diary.

No, I am not suicidal.

iMac and iPad infected last night. Screen was taken over with notice that a virus infected iMac.

It had poor punctuation and am m1-888 number I needed to call in order to resolve the problem. Re-boots didn't resolve the problem.

iPhone wasn't affected..

Then about 2 hours later, it went away.


I don't know if this belongs better in mental health or senioritis...

(There is no fool like an old fool.)

I'm 79 and C is now in her early 70's. We broke up about 30 years ago after a steamy two year relationship and I never got over her. I was an asshole. I still am an assshole but I am better at it (I take lessons in advanced assholery).

I still think about her from time to time. My love of 23 years died of cancer, 7 years ago. Then I went back to occasionally thinking about C. Not doing anything about it as I figure she doesn't need or want me in her life.

C and I have had no contact in the thirty years. THEN, last evening a mutual friend said she had contact with C and the first thing C asked was about me. My friend brought this up twice during our conversation.

Now I can't get her out of my head. I have been obsessing about her all day.

That is all.

Dillwad dies from Rona - wife posts GoFundMe

I have posted about this twice during the last month as his disease progressed. It is a local township story.

52 years old, non-vaccinated: Libertarian freedom.

So he gets sick, goes to hospital and gets diagnosed with Covid. He gets frustrated with hospital regimentation and leaves hospital. Hours later, he is in a fuckin' bar, downing drinks that his friends bought him to celebrate that he beat Rona without the shots.

I haven't heard that any of them have come down with the virus.

3 days later, he's back in hospital because he can't breathe--- ventilator, followed by stroke, followed by; he died.

Now his wife posts a Go Fund Me request or $25k. AND she is immediately eligible for FEMA burial expenses.

No one on the GFM site has the heart to ask her if she encouraged him to get the vaccine or if she is now vaccinated.

What da fuck?

Well, he bought the farm --anti-vax asshole.

This starts on 8/10 when he admits to hospital with trouble breathing. He is diagnosed with Covid and on the 13th, he signs himself out of hospital because he can't stand the hospital's regimentation.

He showed 'em who's boss.

Later that day, he is F.B- posting at a local bar, with glasses of beer that his friends bought him to celebrate his beating covid without taking the vaccine.. He includes comments about sheeple getting the vaccine.

8/16, he is back in hospital because he can't breathe. ventilator comes next, followed by a stroke.

Today, he died.
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