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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,003

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Trump's anti mask gambit found sympathy among his base. But wait until it impacts parents when the

schools reopen. The opening story on my local news tonight was exactly about that scenario. 3-1/2 years of corruption, incompetence, greed and criminal activity are taking a back seat in the news cycle. Same shit, different day, different distraction...same results...media follows the rabbit. This may not be some distraction that people who follow DU will swallow, but it will damn sure find resonance with a lot of other people. Here is why IMO:

We have a lot of people in this country who are more and more questioning why they may or may not back Trump. Some are blindingly loyal, but not all. I believe that many of them will welcome a means to finally put their misgivings behind them and rally behind him. They couldn't really justify a lot of what has happened, but if they can be convinced to see public policy as an affront to their children's 'freedom"...watch out. I understand that these people were never really reliable, but they were at least "in play."

Sucks that it may take a big uptake in deaths and infections to counteract this crap. I do not want that at all.

Yes, I may need to step back from the ledge tonight...just hated that news lead.

So Trump has set a goal for a vaccine by the end of the year. Is there anything else important

going on towards the end of the year? Let me think. Hmmm. Seems like I may be forgetting something. Oh.....I know. He will come out 90 days before the election and claim the vaccine is 91 days away.

Weird transition, Trump mentioned the enormous amount of deaths and then paused ,went into something

about "someone a long time ago" being at fault. I actually think he had wandered off script, realized he should not have mentioned the enormous death toll and tried to recover. I assume he was trying to blame Obama. Very clumsy.
i can't watch more than about five minutes of his crap, so maybe I am off base. Seemed weird.

My N FL cable tv: 5 channels "One World Together"...Covid info. Fox News outlet...cooking show

Honestly I just stumbled across this tv lineup after dinner. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

I guess I should be glad it isn't worse.

Please let your mail carrier know they are not alone. Last week I left mine a bottle of hand

sanitizer and a note of appreciation. Told her when that was empty to bring it back and I will refill it. Not only does she do a great job every day but she helps keep an eye on the neighborhood and knows most of the people on our rural route. I am not suggesting that everyone give a gift, just a word of appreciation and a show of solidarity.
The Republican Party has been "all-in" for a while now. They will not be backing down unless something unforeseen happens. We have to support our unions, teachers, healthcare people, and every institution that repubs are trying to dismantle. I realize I am preaching to the choir, just reminding people to at least do what little things we can to support others.
Go Joe!

Just on JAX 4 news, "The Villages," dense FL GOP retiree area, now has golf cart drive thru testing.

Sorry I can't provide link. Just saw it on channel 4 news out of Jacksonville five minutes ago. Glad they are getting tested, as it is an older population, but....wtf? Why not everyone in other locations?
Just curious where these test sites will end up and who makes those decisions.

Scams are like zombies. Some just never seem to die.

Today. Central Florida, at a gas/convenience store, on hwy 46, Lake County, west of I-4. I am pumping gas and some guy in a big black suv walks over to me with the old speakers scam. In the old days it seemed like it was always a couple guys in a van. This guy was 40ish, goatee, black t-shirt.
Wanted to sell me speakers for my media room(?)...lol. Said the "idiot" at the warehouse shipped an extra set and he couldn't return them.
I just laughed and said no thanks but after I drove I off I had to ask myself "Who is still falling for this crap?" He approached another vehicle before I left, with no luck. I thought this particular scam died out back in the 90's or maybe early 2000's. Shows what I know.
I will just leave the obvious Trump equivalency laying there, but wow...what a world we live in.

How many of you were involved in major college sports? I was. IMO Gym Jordan had to know.

Those of you who were involved in sports know how things worked. No matter where an athlete may have "lived," there were places where all sports intersected and mingled. Two of them come to mind. The training table and the trainers offices. These were places where I got to know athletes from other sports that I ordinarily would not have been practicing with or spending a lot of time with.
You hear things. One knew who could get some pot, who had grade troubles, who was involved in most any mischief. Positive stories were also shared. It was just life happening around us.
I happened to live in an athletic dorm. At virtually any time of day there were at least one or two coaches, assistant coaches, graduate assistants or resident advisors loosely monitoring the overall activities and keeping an eye on things. Certainly not hovering, but one knew where to find them if necessary. They also knew where to find us if they wanted to.
These people were there for obvious reasons. Making sure athletes conducted themselves appropriately (for the most part) and, when necessary, making upper level coaches and administrators informed of issues that arose. Keeping eyes and ears open was part of their job. They sort of made the bigshots aware of things while giving them some cover from public scrutiny. Plausible deniability in some cases. In short, they kept us in line and covered the university's ass at the same time.
Maybe Ohio State operated a little differently, I don't know. But I doubt it was all that different. There is no way, in my opinion, that ongoing sexual misconduct such as what has been described could have gone on without it being widely rumored or even known. Certainly not for that amount of time. I'm not buying that one.

I was watching my local news today and they were carrying a national feed on the KY elections.

Sure enough, they closed out the segment with an interview from a woman who was basically saying she did not know if she would vote because (paraphrase, not quote) "both parties are the same." Good grief. No question or dispute from the interviewer. At this point in time, how can anyone think both parties are the same? Heck, even if you are a Republican you can't fail to see that.
News networks failing this country every day. I know that statement is beating a dead horse but there it is again.

Fires endanger Reagan library. 36,000 crayons at risk. You'd think Nancy would have seen this coming

My apologies for the people trying to live through this, as I do not mean to diminish what they are going through. But the media attention to the library of one of the people whose policies helped enable climate change is ridiculous. (Sigh). But I suppose it is news of some sort.
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