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Gender: Male
Hometown: FL
Home country: USA
Current location: N FL scrub
Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,397

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Do people even know how mail rooms and distribution even work in large organizations?

If you want to mail a bomb, anthrax or whatever to someone you want to kill, you have to realize that the first 2 or 3 people that handle the package or envelope in any large organization are NOT the recipient (not including the delivery people). I have had that responsibility on my staff for many years. That is why they have protocol for that sort of thing in these organizations. You are just as likely to kill or maim someone that agrees with you politically (somewhat) as you are to do the same to your target. It is a high degree of failure/low degree of success operation.
Unless you just want to harm someone and are really just wanting to strike out it just is a bad strategy. You may blow up a comrade.

Just speculation. If I was a local LEO and had seen this van periodically in my patrol area,

would I have had a "Hmmmm" moment when these bombs started showing up? Especially in DWS's district.

Question for any DU real estate/legal experts. (If I am on wrong forum please advise).

My 98 year old Democrat neighbor is worried. Our entire street was just surveyed, either at the request of the town or the owner of the property next to her. The owner may want to develop the property (good chance) as it is in a prime downtown location. Her house was built in the 1940's and she moved there either late 50's or early 60's. But this survey is showing her losing about twenty feet that she and her family, kids, etc., have maintained and mowed for over half a century (without records ).
I am on the opposite side of the street and am not affected, but I hate for her to be worried.

We also found out that her family has been mowing and maintain a patch of ground (approximately 15' x 100') that is now actually being found to belong to the town, on a different side of the property….for over 50 years.

She has never built any permanent structures across the boundary, other than a metal clothesline which is maybe 40-50 years old. I told her daughter that it would be well worth the price to consult with a good real estate attorney and also advised her to go to the county offices and ask to have someone search the archives for the original survey. This is a small mountaion town so I am not optimistic about what will be there.

Any advice? Thanks. GOTV!!!

Does an FBI investigation bolster the chances of a local investigation in Maryland?

The local police chief (or was it sheriff?) had already said he would open an investigation if asked to. Most opinions I read here on DU seemed to think the local DA would not take the case. However, if a legitimate FBI investigation, along with the huge amount of publicity related to it, were to take place would that possibly change the thinking of local authorities?
I think it is possible.

So,assuming Kavanaugh gets confirmed, but Avenatti's client pursues criminal charges in Maryland

Would they then be able to subpoena the thousands of pages of documents that the Repubs refused to release?

Two nice ladies just knocked on my door.

I noticed they had Flaccavento t-shirts on. Before they said a word I told them not to worry about me. I am already planning on voting for him. Anthony Flaccavento (D) running against carpetbagger Trumpist Morgan Griffith (R) in VA 9th district.

They put a sign in my yard for me!

So, in what way does the revocation actually hurt Brennan?

Other than maybe just piss him off. In my mind he is simply a retired CIA Director who speaks his mind. Was he still receiving security reports in retirement? Who knows?

This makes Trump look like the petty a-hole that he is, but I don't think Brennan is harmed that much. This is more of a warning to other people, IMHO.

Trump rally crowds behind the so-called President

Is it my imagination, or do they always seat a more "diverse" audience directly behind Trump for the cameras to take in?

Regarding the Trump administration decision to block identifying NRA donors (Mnuchin).

Does anyone have insight into whether Mueller could still subpoena that information as part of his investigation? It certainly seems like it would be within the scope of things he is looking into.

For some reason I had assumed he already had that information. Apparently not.

Trump would tie a dead hamster around his wife's neck if it would serve as a distraction.

That's all this is. Same with Giuliani except he is a hamster that still keeps talking.
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