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Elon Musk's 73 year old mom part of diverse fashion shoot


Model Maye features in a new campaign for inclusive swimwear brand Summersalt alongside 23 other stars of all shapes and sizes
David Foster's actress daughters Sara, 40, and Erin, 38, also appear in the campaign, as well as Team USA soccer players Ashlyn, 35, and Ali, 36
Other stars include toxic shock syndrome survivor and double amputee Lauren Wasser and Paralympic gymnast Chelsea Werner, who has Down syndrome
Seagram's heiress and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman was also photographed for the photo and video campaign, as was plus-size yoga guru Jessamyn Stanley
The women pictured range in age from 23 to 73 and come from diverse backgrounds, including professional sports, acting, and philanthropy
Summersalt said that it wants its new campaign to 'empower all women to feel confident, exactly as they are'
The brand added: 'The women in the campaign represent a diverse group of activists, entrepreneurs, and change-makers'

Padres Fan Swings at Rockies Fan and Knocks Him Out

Take me out to the brawl game! Padres fan knocks out Rockies supporter with one punch sparking mass fight among fans

A Padres fan hit a Rockies supporter at Wednesday's game sparking a mass fight

Video footage shows the fan being knocked out with a single punch

The Rockies supporter's body appears to go limp and he falls to the floor

No arrests have been made as the person struck did not want to press charges


woman moved into long-stay hotel with three rabbits...

Early last year, a woman living in a long-stay hotel in a Chicago suburb had three rabbits, one neutered and an unneutered male and female, animal rescue workers say. What happened next was entirely predictable.


Some 47 rabbits, some of them pregnant, were removed from the room after the woman finally decided she could no longer cope with the bunny population explosion, WGN reports. With cleaning services suspended because of the pandemic—and a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door at all times—the hotel was not aware that the number of rabbit residents was steadily increasing.

The rescue was orchestrated by the Red Door no-kill shelter, one of several Chicago-area shelters now seeking new homes for the rabbits, Block Club Chicago reports. The woman "wanted help," says Marcia Coburn at Red Door. "She was afraid to give the rabbits up. She didn’t want them to be euthanized."

Shelter workers say the woman apparently did her best to care for the rabbits, but as in other bunny hoarding situations, she ended up being overwhelmed. She was allowed to keep the one neutered rabbit. "Rabbits reproduce just like they say they do," the One Tail at a Time shelter said in a Facebook post. "So well meaning people can end up in a really scary mess in a really short amount of time. We're not here to judge, but we are here to help."




GOP Sen. Inhofe tells female EPA nominee to 'behave' or he'd tell 'her daddy,' who was in the room


WASHINGTON - An Asian American woman nominated by President Joe Biden for a top job at the Environmental Protection Agency was told by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., during her confirmation hearing Wednesday that if she didn't "behave" in the job, then he was going to tell "her daddy."

Inhofe's office said he was playing off Radhika Fox's opening statement where she mentioned that her father was in the room and credited her hard-working immigrant parents.

The exchange between the 86-year-old male senator and the much younger female nominee to lead the EPA's Office of Water was not antagonistic, but drew attention from those who wondered whether he would have made the same quip to a man. CNN first reported Inhofe's remark.

Zimbabwe wasn't on Google Street View until this man volunteered to map it himself

Target halts sale of sports and pokeman cards over violence

Target did not say when it would begin selling the cards in stores again.
(CNN)Target has announced that it will temporarily stop selling trading cards -- of both the sports and Pokémon variety -- in stores following a recent violent dispute at one of its locations.

Last week, a Target in Wisconsin was locked down after a man was physically assaulted by four others over sports trading cards.

"The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority," Target said in a statement to CNN. "Out of an abundance of caution, we've decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards within our stores, effective May 14."

The cards will still be available online, the company said.
The value of trading cards has skyrocketed in recent months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In December 2020, a rare Charizard Pokémon card -- with minimum bid set at $50,000 -- sold for $360,000 through Goldin Auctions. Another sold for almost $400,000 earlier this year, and the auction house told CNN they've seen an increase in value over the course of the pandemic.


"People looking for sports cards has just skyrocketed," Lemieux said.

In a statement, a Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo said, "Given the significant interest in trading cards, we recently began limiting MLB, NBA, NFL and Pokémon purchases to one item per guest, per day, and asking guests not to lineup overnight. We're continuing to evaluate the protocols we have in place to ensure safety at our stores related to this category."


Stephen Colbert with his cat


Do not be this person (gas hoarders)

Anxious motorists in more than a dozen states across the southeast are now lining up for gas, with many trying to hoard whatever remains left in the pump.

Photos shared to social media show some filling up buckets and giant barrels under the cover of darkness, angering those behind them who had been waiting for hours to fill up their own vehicles.


Newsom was targeted for recall before election. "Do elections matter anymore"

Column: Tyranny of the minority, or how Trump and other sore losers are making our nasty politics worse

It’s often said that elections have consequences. Elections also have outcomes and a fixed date when they take place. After the ballots are counted, they’re over.

Or at least that’s how it’s supposed work. One candidate wins, another loses, and all sides move on to the next election, which always seems to be just around the corner.

But things are different now. We find ourselves in a treacherous place in which a growing number of politicians and their followers loudly refuse to accept the results of an election.

Not in the manner of petulantly declaring so-and-so is not my president, or reflexively opposing policies pushed by a Democrat or Republican chief executive or by a party’s legislative leaders.

Rather, they’re seeking to nullify an election in its entirety, effectively canceling the will of the majority, to use a term now in fashion.


Apple fires man who called Bay Area women "useless baggage you'd trade for a box of shotgun shells"


A Silicon Valley mainstay was hired by Apple last month but left Tuesday after massive internal backlash from employees over large portions in his book.

Antonio García Martínez, a tech guy who previously worked at Facebook and Goldman Sachs and has contributed extensively to media outlets like Wired, was hired last month for Apple’s advertising tech division.

His book, “Chaos Monkeys,” was published in 2016 and, at the time, was met with glowing reviews from the tech media circuit for its frankness about the culture of the industry.

But the reviews largely glossed over some dubious sections in the book, highlighted in an internal letter published Wednesday by Apple employees — many of them women and people of color — who expressed vehement opposition to his hiring on the grounds that sexist statements in the book were in direct opposition to “Apple’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity.”

There’s a line in which he says most women at Facebook are not “conventionally attractive” and a tangent about the accent of Chander Sarna, an Indian tech exec who now works at an employment startup in Sunnyvale. García Martínez also describes East Palo Alto as a “local slum.”

“Most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of s—t,” reads an excerpt from “Chaos Monkeys.” “They have their self-regarding entitlement feminism, and ceaselessly vaunt their independence, but the reality is, come the epidemic plague or foreign invasion, they’d become precisely the sort of useless baggage you’d trade for a box of shotgun shells or a jerry can of diesel.”

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