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RNC pouring another $1 M into Louisiana Gov's race in response to black voters early voting turnout


The Republican National Committee is pouring another $1 million into the Louisiana governor’s race ahead of Saturday’s runoff — a move that comes amid mounting GOP concerns about losing a second major election in a conservative state in as many weeks.


Much of the Republican consternation surrounds increased turnout among black voters during early voting, which concluded Saturday. African Americans accounted for 31 percent of early voters in the runoff, an increase from 25 percent during the first round of voting in October, in which candidates from all parties competed with the top two advancing. Democrats accounted for 46 percent of early runoff voters, up from 44 percent in the primary.

Shame on Us for Getting Used to Trump

Shame on Us for Getting Used to Trump
If the impeachment hearing wasn’t shocking, it’s a sign of how far we’ve fallen.



After the impeachment hearing, some in the media appeared to yawn. Two Reuters reporters pronounced the proceedings “consequential, but dull,” writing, “Unlike the best reality TV shows — not to mention the Trump presidency itself — fireworks and explosive moments were scarce.” An NBC News analysis concluded that the hearing “felt more like the dress rehearsal for a serious one-act play than the opening night of a hit Broadway musical.”

It’s certainly true that there were few new revelations on Wednesday, since transcripts of the witnesses’ closed-door testimony had already been released. But if the facts at hand have not shaken the country to its core, that’s not the fault of Democrats on the Intelligence Committee. The responsibility lies with us all for letting this lawless, kleptocratic presidency become normalized.

Like addicts to the world’s most unpleasant drug, our political class seems to require ever-greater jolts to feel anything at all. A month ago, some Republican senators were briefly roused from their submissive torpor by Trump’s cavalier decision to greenlight a Turkish attack on America’s Kurdish allies in Syria. Lindsey Graham, usually an obsequious Trump lackey, said that if the president didn’t change course, he was prepared to become Trump’s “worst nightmare.”


But it is a monumental mistake to allow people who will accept anything from Trump to set our standards for acceptable public behavior. By any normal metric, this week’s news — the impeachment hearing, the Stone trial, the mortifying Erdogan meeting, not to mention new revelations of the senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s white nationalism — was sensational and historic. The fact that Republicans are insisting otherwise is a sign of the depths of our political crisis. Each one of us must choose whether to treat their mulish disloyalty to their fellow citizens as a given, worthy only of shrugs, or as a shocking affront that demands redoubled political action.

American plastic waste fuels tofu making kitchens in Indonesia

To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic
Plastic waste from America, collected for recycling, is shipped to Indonesia. Some is burned as fuel by tofu makers, producing deadly chemicals and contaminating food.



TROPODO, Indonesia — Black smoke billows from smokestacks towering above the village. The smell of burning plastic fills the air. Patches of black ash cover the ground. It’s another day of making tofu.

More than 30 commercial kitchens in Tropodo, a village on the eastern side of Indonesia’s main island, Java, fuel their tofu production by burning a mix of paper and plastic waste, some of it shipped from the United States after Americans dumped it in their recycling bins.

The backyard kitchens produce much of the area’s tofu, an inexpensive and high-protein food made from soy that is an important part of the local diet. But the smoke and ash produced by the burning plastic has far-reaching and toxic consequences.

Testing of eggs laid by chickens in Tropodo, a village of 5,000 people, found high levels of several hazardous chemicals including dioxin — a pollutant known to cause cancer, birth defects and Parkinson’s disease — according to a report released this week by an alliance of Indonesian and international environmental groups.

The dioxin found in Tropodo is the end product in a chain of malfeasance, carelessness and governmental neglect.

“They start the burning early in the morning and go until evening,” said Karnawi, 84, who lives near seven of the plastic-burning commercial kitchens. “It happens every day and the smoke is always in the air. For me, it’s difficult to breathe.” Like many Indonesians, Mr. Karnawi uses only one name.


'Tired of working 2 jobs,' bank teller went to home of customer who made large withdrawal

A Harford County bank teller told police he was “tired of working two jobs,” after he was arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of a customer who had recently made several large withdrawals from the bank and assaulting him.

The 78-year-old victim was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview for treatment of a broken leg, a bruised orbital area, two loose teeth and heart issues after the attack. He remained in the intensive care unit as of Wednesday, according to court records. The man’s stepdaughter, who tried to intervene during the incident, was treated at the scene for a cut on the side of her face.

Nathan Michael Newell, 19, the unit block of Northview Place in Bel Air, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with home invasion, robbery, first- and third-degree burglary, first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.

Newell is being held without bail at the Harford County Detention Center, awaiting a bail review hearing in district court scheduled for Friday, according to electronic court records. Newell did not have an attorney listed in court records.

In confessing to the home invasion after his arrest, Newell told police he did it for the money and was tired of working two jobs and numerous hours a week, and that he was trying to get his own place, according to charging documents..

Michael MacPherson, president and CEO of Freedom Federal Credit Union, confirmed Newell was an employee and arrested at the Fountain Green branch in the 1300 block of Churchville Road.


Duncan Hunter couldn't afford daughter's dance lessons, spent campaign funds on trip to competitions


SAN DIEGO — A new court filing by prosecutors in the case against Rep. Duncan Hunter says the lawmaker was warned as early as 2010 that he and his wife were breaking the law by improperly spending campaign funds.
The filing says they bought a camera with which to take family vacation pictures and tried listing the expenditure as ink, paper and software for the office. They also spent campaign money on a trip to his daughter’s Irish dance competition in Phoenix because they couldn’t afford it, the filing states.

At one point, the filing said, a former treasurer threatened to quit if Hunter didn’t take the campaign credit card away from his wife.


Browning testified before the grand jury that, among other things, Hunter did not have enough personal funds to pay for basic necessities, that Hunter’s personal finances were so poor he could not afford to pay for his daughter’s dance lessons, that Hunter recognized he could not use campaign funds for social activities and that “Hunter traveled to Phoenix in January 2016 for his daughter’s Irish dance competition and visited Browning to ‘take a look at [his] retirement place’ — but did not discuss any campaign business.”

According to a footnote in the court filing, “At the time of the trip, Hunter reported to his chief of staff that he timed the trip so that he could hold a campaign ‘meeting with a (charity event) coordinator’ in Arizona.

“Campaign records demonstrate that Hunter used at least $632 in campaign funds to pay for this social visit to Phoenix,” the footnote said.

Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump End DACA Program

Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump End DACA Program
The justices are considering whether the Trump administration can shut down a program that shields about 700,000 young immigrants from deportation.


does age give this guy a pass for threatening to shoot anti-trump protestors?


concerned motorists save dog


man deliberately calls other driver the "n word" knowing he is being filmed. 200k views on twitter

I wonder what he's thinking now?



Trump tweeted lie today: "To think I signed the Whistleblower Protection Act!"

acted was signed in 1989. he hasn't taken down the tweet, . Magats will always believe this to be true now.

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