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Japanese worker punished for starting lunch three minutes early

Japanese worker punished for starting lunch three minutes early
Managers called TV news conference and bowed in apology at employee’s ‘deeply regrettable’ actions

Japan’s commitment to addressing its dismal record on work-life balance has been called into question after a civil servant was punished for “habitually” slipping away from his desk a few minutes early to buy a bento lunch.

The 64-year-old, an employee of the waterworks bureau in the western city of Kobe, was fined and reprimanded after he was found to have left his desk just three minutes before the start of his designated lunch break on 26 occasions over a seven-month period.

Senior officials at the bureau then called a televised news conference, where they described the man’s conduct as “deeply regrettable” and bowed in apology.

A spokesman for the bureau told AFP: “The lunch break is from noon to 1pm. He left his desk before the break.”

The worker had violated a public service law requiring officials to “concentrate on their jobs”, according to the bureau.


scary stuff. The POTUS going before his followers for sweaty red faced rant.


Trumps up and tweeting. 6 tweets within the last hour

police chief is accused of framing four crimes on a teen so he could claim a 100% burglary clearance

A police chief is accused of framing four crimes on a teen so he could claim a 100% burglary clearance rate


The police chief of Biscayne Park had a problem.

The tiny Miami village of just over 3,000 people had a near-perfect burglary clearance rate, a fine achievement for any police force.

But, he had four unsolved burglaries on his hands.

So, say prosecutors, Chief Raimundo Atesiano and two officers hatched a plan: They allegedly framed the burglaries on a 16-year-old.

On Monday, the Justice Department announced that it had indicted Atesiano and patrol officers Charlie Dayoub and Raul Fernandez for conspiring to violate a juvenile's civil rights by intentionally making a false arrest.

In the indictment, the teen is referred only as "T.D."

Prosecutors say Atesiano directed the officers to arrest T.D. in June 2013 and charge him with unsolved burglaries at four homes "knowing that there was no evidence and no lawful basis to support such charges."
The next month, Atesiano went to a Biscayne Park city council meeting and announced that his department had a 100 percent clearance rate for burglaries, the indictment said.

Professor refuses to teach until Cambridge porters & doorkeepers address her as "doctor"

A Cambridge professor is refusing to teach her classes — because she says “racist” staffers have refused to call her “doctor.”

Priyamvada Gopal, who specializes in postcolonial literature at King’s College, part of the University of Cambridge, claims she’s faced “consistently racist aggression and profiling” by young staffers, known as porters.

The academic recalled on Twitter that she told one porter, “Please address me as Dr. Gopal” but he responded, “I don’t care who you are.”

“This is @Kings_College Head Porter who then launched into a tirade about how people treat him,” Gopal wrote Monday in a series of tweets. “I am sorry but my brown body isn’t taking the hit for that. He’d never talk like this to actual white men who behave badly.”

She said the “aggressive” head porter refused to address her as anything other than “madam.”

Gopal went on to complain about the “mostly white doorkeepers and all white all male porters” and said she raised her concerns with management but they failed to do anything.


Trump reportedly threw Starbursts on a table before Germany's Angela Merkel at the G7 summit and sai


Trump reportedly threw Starbursts on a table before Germany's Angela Merkel at the G7 summit and said, 'Don't say I never give you anything'
Bremmer said that at the end of the summit, Merkel and Trudeau were pressing Trump to sign the joint communiqué, a statement expressing common diplomatic goals and traditionally signed by all parties at G7 summits.

"Trump was sitting there with his arms crossed, clearly not liking the fact that he felt like they were ganging up on him. He eventually agreed; he said OK, he'll sign it," Bremmer said. "At that point, he stood up, he put his hand in his pocket — his suit jacket pocket — and he took two Starburst candies out, threw them on the table, and said to Merkel: 'Here, Angela. Don't say I never give you anything.'"
The CBS host Gayle King then asked Bremmer whether it was possible the "Starburst outburst" was just a friendly gesture and an attempt at humor on Trump's part.

"It's hard to, keeping in mind that Trump didn't want to go to the G7," Bremmer said. "He was convinced by his advisers the day before that he needed to. And one thing we know about Trump is when he's told to do things that he doesn't want to do, he doesn't respond to them easily."

Bremmer added that world leaders and diplomats he had spoken to were "extraordinarily disheartened" at Trump's lack of enthusiasm or interest in working with US allies at the summit.

largest retirement community in America is pro-Trump - the Villages in Florida

The Villages is America’s largest retirement community, a carefully planned, meticulously groomed dreamscape of gated subdivisions, wall-to-wall golf courses, adult-only pools and old-fashioned town squares. It’s advertised as “Florida’s friendliest hometown,” and it’s supposed to evoke a bygone era of traditional values when Americans knew their neighbors, respected their elders and followed the rules. It has the highest concentration of military veterans of any metropolitan area without a military base. It has strict regulations enforcing the uniformity of homes (no second stories, no bright colors, no modern flourishes) as well as the people living in them (no families with children, except to visit). And it is Trump country, a reliably Republican, vocally patriotic, almost entirely white enclave that gave the president nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Older voters are America’s most reliable voters, which is why baby-boomer boomtowns like The Villages represent the most significant threat to a potential Democratic wave in Florida in 2018—and the most significant source of Republican optimism for many years to come. Because while the Villages may look like the past, with its retro architecture and gray-haired demographics, it sells like the future. This master-planned paradise an hour northwest of Disney World has been the fastest-growing metro area in the United States in four of the past five years. And as the baby boom generation continues to retire, The Villages is continuing to expand into nearby cattle pastures, luring more pensioners to this fantasyland in the sunshine, gradually swinging America’s largest swing state to the right.


It’s not a coincidence that The Villages supports the nation’s largest American Legion post—or that signs in its bar declare: “NO NFL GAMES ON POST TELEVISIONS.” Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 2 to 1 here, and in interviews, they generally expressed support for Trump’s tax cuts, as well as his hands-off approach to Medicare and Social Security. That has helped blunt the perennial Democratic pitch to seniors: Choose us, because Republicans are coming for your checks. But what really attracted them to Trump were issues that had little to do with their pocketbooks or their daily lives—like his opposition to sanctuary cities, or his insistent rhetoric about strength, or his attacks on Muslims, MS-13 and protests by black athletes. They feel like Trump is on their side in a cultural war against cop-haters, their perception of scheming foreigners, global warming alarmists, and other politically correct avatars of disorder and decline; they thought President Barack Obama was on the other side, standing with transgender activists, welfare freeloaders and Islamic terrorists. And when Trump vows to make America great again, they sense that he means more like The Villages.

“They want an America that’s a little more like it was when they were growing up, and that’s what Trump is offering,” says Daniel Webster, the area’s conservative Republican congressman. Dennis Baxley, the area’s equally conservative Republican state senator, points out that The Villages offers that, too, with safe streets, light traffic, artificial lakes that provide a real sense of serenity, and hundreds of support groups for every imaginable malady or hardship. It’s a throwback to when they were children in 1950s America, without actual children.

“It really is like living in a village, where there’s law and order, and people take care of each other,” says Baxley, who owns three funeral homes in The Villages. “Trump tapped into that sense that the rest of America isn’t like that anymore, that some people don’t have to follow the rules.”


ha ha! Sara H Sanders, shifting back and forth, eyebrow about to leave her head when faced w facts

starting at 31:20... the back and forth shift, the unhappy face

This Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton Popularity Poll Suggests One Is Not On America's Good Side

The Ipsos and Daily Beast-led poll was released on Monday. It found that former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is more popular among members of the public than current first daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump. The poll revealed that Clinton has a favorability rating of 50 percent, while Trump's favorability rating comes in at 43 percent.

Moreover, when examining unfavorability, Clinton also fared far better. The poll indicated that she has a 32 percent unfavorability rating, while Trump has an unfavorability rating of 46 percent.


Donald Trump Once Wanted Daughter Ivanka to Get Breast Implants, New Book Claims


Before she was working for her father’s real-estate company — and then his White House — Ivanka Trump tried to make a go of it in modeling. It was a career in which Donald Trump, famous for bedding and wedding models, so keenly wanted his daughter to succeed that he told friends at the time Ivanka would be wise to get breast implants, according to a new book on the Trump family.

“Donald wanted it for her, bad, to the point where he suggested to friends that breast implants might help her along,” author Emily Jane Fox writes in Born Trump, which was released on Tuesday.

President Trump’s sister, Maryanne, was so mortified that she petitioned one of her brother’s friends to talk him out of letting her niece get plastic surgery.

“When his friend confronted him about it, he denied that [Ivanka] was getting implants,” Fox writes. “At the end of the call, he asked, ‘Why not, though?’
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