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Firefighters break windows of car blocking hydrant

Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters in New Jersey posted on Facebook on June 14, 2018: "This is what happens when you park in front of a hydrant. This was taken last night at the fire on Norway Avenue in the Bromley section of Hamilton. Reminder, it is against the law to park in front of a fire hydrant."

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Firefighters had to break the windows and run a hose through a car that was blocking a fire hydrant in New Jersey.

Firefighters arrived on the scene of a house fire early Thursday in Hamilton Township. But they found the car parked in front of the hydrant.

A picture posted on the Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters' Facebook page shows they punched out the windows and threaded the hose through the car.

They had the fire under control quickly and no one was injured.

Pruitt Just Gutted Water Protections for 117 Million , informed Trump in a happy birthday tweet

Pruitt Just Gutted Water Protections for 117 Million People
He informed Trump in a happy birthday tweet.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday inched closer to proposing a regulation to replace an Obama-era rule that clarified which bodies of water qualified for federal protection.

The proposal comes more than a year after EPA administrator Scott Pruitt signed an executive action to revoke the 2015 Clean Water Rule, also known as the Waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule. The regulation clarified which wetlands and streams could be protected under the Clean Water Act and expanded federal authority to all “navigable” waters. That extended the federal safeguards to 2 million miles of streams and 20 million acres of wetlands, securing the drinking water of more than 117 million Americans.

But a federal judge stayed the Clean Water Rule in 2015; the rule has since bounced around the courts. In January, the Supreme Court volleyed the case back to the district court level. In the meantime, Pruitt began the process of repealing the rule outright.

On Thursday evening, Pruitt said he planned to send the new rule to the White House Office of Management and Budget. In a tweet wishing President Donald Trump a happy birthday, Pruitt said he announced the WOTUS replacement in a meeting with farm interests in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Justice dept joins lawsuit to purge Kentucky voter rolls, Kentucky gets busy purging

One day after the Supreme Court upheld voter purging in Ohio, the Justice Department decided to get in on the action. The department sued the state of Kentucky on Tuesday to force it to “systematically remove the names of ineligible voters from the registration records”—and Kentucky quickly agreed to comply.

The lawsuit, filed in conjunction with the conservative group Judicial Watch, alleges that Kentucky has not made “a reasonable effort to remove registrants who have become ineligible due to a change of residence.” Judicial Watch first sued Kentucky in November 2017, and the Justice Department announced it was joining the lawsuit on Tuesday. That same day, Kentucky settled the lawsuit and said it would make “a reasonable effort to remove from the statewide voter registration list the names of registrants who have become ineligible.”

This is the Trump administration’s first lawsuit against a state to force aggressive voter voter purging and could be the beginning of a new effort to curb voting rights. In June 2017—on the same day that President Donald Trump’s controversial Election Integrity Commission asked states to hand over sensitive voter data— the Justice Department sent a letter to 44 states informing them it was reviewing their voter list maintenance procedures and asking how they planned to “remove the names of ineligible voters.” Vanita Gupta, who led the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division under President Barack Obama, called the letter “virtually unprecedented” and predicted it would lead to new voter purges.


Girlfriend derails musician's career by replacing college acceptance letter w/fake rejection letter.


Clarinetist discovers his ex-girlfriend faked a rejection letter from his dream school


Abramovitz spent hours every night practicing, he said in an interview with The Washington Post. And after his live audition in Los Angeles in February 2014, he was confident that he would be accepted.Eric Abramovitz was 7 years old when he first learned to play the clarinet. By the time he was 20, the Montreal native had become an award-winning clarinetist, studying with some of Canada’s most elite teachers and performing a solo with Quebec’s finest symphony orchestra.

During his second year studying at McGill University, he decided to apply to the world-class Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, which offers every student a scholarship covering tuition, room and board, and living expenses. He hoped to study under Yehuda Gilad, an internationally renowned clarinet professor who accepts only two new students per year at Colburn.

Abramovitz spent hours every night practicing, he said in an interview with The Washington Post. And after his live audition in Los Angeles in February 2014, he was confident that he would be accepted.


But two years later, Abramovitz would find out that he was, in fact, accepted to the program. The letter was sent not by Gilad but by Abramovitz’s girlfriend, a flute student at McGill who had spent night after night consoling him about the rejection, Abramovitz said.

The girlfriend had logged onto his email account and deleted his acceptance letter to Colburn, Abramovitz said. She impersonated Abramovitz in an email to Gilad, declining the offer because he would be “elsewhere.” Then she impersonated Gilad through a fake email address, telling Abramovitz he had not been accepted, according to Abramovitz.


On Wednesday, a judge in Ontario Superior Court awarded Abramovitz $350,000 in damages in Canadian dollars (more than $260,000 U.S. dollars) caused by his girlfriend’s “reprehensible betrayal of trust” and “despicable interference in Mr Abramovitz’s career,” the judge, D.L. Corbett, wrote.

voter purges 2 come: red states will send out voter confirm cards that purposely look like junk mail

Expert on local progressive radio station was describing how bad things will get.

He's viewed the voter confirmation cards sent out by Ohio. Said they looked like they were purposely designed to be ignored the by receiver. 90% of elderly whites return the cards, 50% of other groups do not. He expects the other 25 red states to adopt the same process.

He's suing with the ACLU.

The deck will be strongly stacked in GOP's favor.

Canadians are shopping 'Trump free' by boycotting US goods, stores and cancelling vacations to USA


Canadians are shopping 'Trump free' by boycotting US goods, stores and cancelling vacations to the States in solidarity with Trudeau
Angry Canadians are buying homegrown products instead of US goods
Hashtags are trending on Twitter including #BuyCanadian and #BoycottUSA
Instead of Walmart and Starbucks, shoppers are buying locally-sourced goods
Others have cancelled their trips to the US and are venturing to parts of Canada
This is in retaliation to President Trump's trade war sparked after he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'dishonest and weak'


Horrible kids destroy 320 million years of history in an instant

An “irreplaceable” iconic stone landmark that took 320 million years to form has been smashed in seconds by “idiot” youths.

One of the balancing stones at the Brimham Rocks was sent toppling from its perch in what authorities have described as a “completely pointless” act by the thoughtless kids.

The youths had been spotted pushing the sandstone rock off the crag at the National Trust-owned tourist spot at Summerbridge, North Yorkshire, two weeks ago — forever damaging the iconic landmark. The Brimham Rocks are about 215 miles north of London.

Slamming the careless act, Helen Clarke, from the National Trust, said: “It might have been fun for some people.”

“Actually, it is just completely pointless and needless.”


didn't know Johnny Carson could sing

3:45 on this video

Trump administration trying to end DACA, could shut it down within weeks


The Trump administration is urging a federal court in Texas to declare DACA illegal, setting up a potential conflict that could allow the government to shut the program down within a matter of weeks.

While this latest development has received little attention, it could suspend or stop a federal initiative that has allowed 700,000 young people, known as Dreamers, to avoid deportation.

Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said the move could “eliminate work authorization and protection from deportation for nearly a million people who are contributing to our economy.”

Short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA is the Obama-era policy that allows children of immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally to remain here if they were under 16 when they arrived and if they arrived by 2007.

In a motion filed late Friday, Justice Department lawyers told a judge in Texas that the program violates federal immigration law. Assuming, as expected, that the judge grants the request from DACA opponents and orders the government to stop enforcing DACA, the ruling would conflict with orders from two other federal courts that require continued enforcement of the program.


Scanning immigrants' old fingerprints, U.S. threatens to strip thousands of citizenship


The Trump administration is analyzing decades-old fingerprints in an unprecedented effort to rescind American citizenship from immigrants who may have lied or falsified information on their naturalization forms.

Revoking citizenship, a process known as denaturalization, has long been treated as a rare and relatively drastic measure by immigration authorities, reserved for foreigners who commit egregious crimes or acts of fraud, or pose a threat to national security.

But under a new policy memo issued by L. Francis Cissna, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency is investigating thousands of old fingerprint records and files to determine whether foreigners made false or fraudulent statements in their attempts to obtain legal residency in the United States.

According to USCIS officials and documents reviewed by The Washington Post, Homeland Security investigators are digitizing fingerprints collected in the 1990s and comparing them with more recent prints provided by foreigners who apply for legal residency and U.S. citizenship. If decades-old fingerprints gathered during a deportation match those of someone who did not disclose that deportation on their naturalization application or used a different name, that individual could be targeted by a new Los Angeles-based investigative division.

Violators will be referred to federal courts where they could be stripped of citizenship and potentially deported.

Cissna said the effort was crucial to upholding the integrity of the U.S. immigration system.

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