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having credit cards while Black. Cop 'Prove to me those credit cards are yours.'

EXCLUSIVE: 'Prove to me those credit cards are yours.' Black father-of-six is surrounded by three white armed Texas cops who interrogate him because he had 'too many' credit cards while withdrawing cash from ATM

Brian Friar, 39, was stopped by three police officers at a gas station on August 12 in Burleson, Texas
The father-of-six was withdrawing cash from an ATM when a white cop asked to see his ID, demanding he prove the credit cards in his wallet belonged to him
The cop said to Friar: 'Prove to me that the rest of those cards are yours. You've got like ten there'
The policeman continued to interrogate Friar, even asking him: 'How did you end up in Burleson?'
Friar said he began to film the encounter because he 'didn't feel comfortable', adding: 'I didn't know what else to do. I was protecting myself'
Friar said: 'I hadn't done anything wrong. They ran my name as though I was a criminal. They were harassing me. I was a black man in a dominant white town'
'It was very racist to just come to me and ask me whose credit cards I had'


Friar, a forklift operator, said: 'I was at the ATM machine at the store, minding my own business, looking through my cards to see which one I would use.

'The next thing I know a policeman came up to me saying that I have a lot of credit cards.

'Then two other officers pop up. I started filming because I was frightened. He had a gun on him, and the other ones had guns too.'

The policeman even asked Friar: 'How did you end up in Burleson?'

Friar explained he was in a hurry because his wife had gotten a flat tire and he needed to get to her.

He accused the policemen of racism and said if he was a white man, he would not have been asked to prove that his credit cards were his own.

Friar said: 'I showed him three cards to show him it was my name on there. He was telling me to slow down.

'They were harassing me. I was a black man in a dominant white town.

'I wasn't dressed like a bum - I hadn't done anything wrong.'

Friar said although people were in the gas station, no one intervened or took interest in what was happening, only receiving a few glancing looks, saying: 'I was a nobody in the store.'

He said he began to film the encounter because he 'didn't feel comfortable', adding: 'I didn't know what else to do. I was protecting myself.'


Chief Cordell at Burleson Police Department confirmed the incident to DailyMail.com.

He said: 'Our three officers had stopped in the QT to take a break and I am told were approached by a male (witness) who told them the gentleman was at an ATM machine attempting to get money while using multiple cards and that the transaction kept being denied.

'He said the man was acting suspicious. The officers approached the man, activated their body worn cameras and explained why they were contacting him.

'Officers observed multiple receipts and cards as described by the witness. Officers asked him if he minded sharing identification to match the name on the cards and he eventually provided identification and cards.'

NY's AG Is Investigating One of the Biggest Mysteries on Trump's Balance sheet: $50M loan to himself

New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, revealed in a court filing on Monday that her office is probing the Trump Organization for fraud and tax evasion. And among the matters her office appears to be scrutinizing is a mysterious debt that has long appeared on his balance sheet: a $50 million loan connected to Trump’s Chicago hotel and tower project that Trump claims to owe himself. In the past, Trump has suggested that this debt represents a loan he repurchased from a lender, but Mother Jones reported last year that the loan may not exist and may be evidence of tax fraud.

James’ investigation has not previously been made public, but according to the 68-page filing by her office, New York state prosecutors have been negotiating with the Trump Organization for months to turn over documents and make executives available to be interviewed—and the company has largely complied. However, James’ office now contends, the Trump Organization abruptly halted its cooperation last month: It is refusing to turn over some subpoenaed documents, and Eric Trump canceled an interview he’d previously agreed to. James is asking a New York judge to enforce seven subpoenas against the Trump Organization.


The Trump Organization has consistently refused to answer questions about Chicago Unit Acquisition, a limited liability company it formed in Delaware in 2005, as construction began on the Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Chicago. But Trump did tell the New York Times in a 2016 interview that this debt represents a loan he repurchased from a group of lenders. “We don’t assess any value to it because we don’t care,” Trump said. “I have the mortgage. That is all there is. Very simple. I am the bank.” Jason Greenblatt, who was then the Trump Organization’s top lawyer, declined to explain to the Times the reason for the Chicago Unit Acquisition deal. “It’s really personal corporate trade secrets, if you will,” he said. “Neither newsworthy or frankly anybody’s business.”

In March 2012, as Trump resolved his dispute with Deutsche Bank, he finalized a separate deal with Fortress and its partners to clear his debt with them. According to a source with direct knowledge of the deal who spoke to Mother Jones, Fortress ultimately agreed to accept 50 cents on the dollar—or about $48 million—for the outstanding debt (which by that time amounted to just under $100 million). This was a steep loss for the hedge fund and its partners. The question is whether the deal was what’s known as a “discounted payoff”—in which the debt was considered repaid and the loan was canceled by the lender—or whether Trump purchased what remained of the loan. That distinction has enormous implications.

When a lender forgives a portion of a loan, the IRS considers the unpaid portion taxable income. For instance, if a lender accepts $50 million in repayment of a $100 million debt, the borrower, in the eyes of federal tax authorities, has earned $50 million and owes tax on that. The tax could be as high as 39 percent. But big-time borrowers have devised a tactic to forestall paying taxes in cases in which they’re able to buy back their debt at a discount. They purchase the debt through a corporation, parking the loan within this entity to temporarily avoid realizing income. Debt parking falls into a legal gray area. “Maybe there are respectable ways that it could work, but I would call it kind of a scam to pretend you haven’t gotten rid of the debt,” says Daniel Shaviro, a professor of tax law at New York University.

So the distinction between whether Trump purchased his loan from Fortress or whether Fortress forgave the debt matters significantly. James’ filing confirms Mother Jones‘ reporting that the Fortress loan was forgiven, and notes that “the debt may have been a taxable event to the borrower.”

"My neighbor just replaced their Trump sign with a Biden sign and I'm taking them an apple pie."


Donald jr


no "sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and woman"

Liberty University Handbook bans “sexual relations outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman.”

unless the university president is allowed to peek in.

Falwell threw his wife under the bus

His language: HER affair has him under emoitional.stress. family threatened by blackmail.

Who has been the watcher all these years? Who had his pants unzipped?

Becki was naked as the two discussed their relationship while Jerry peeked from behind a door.

The material Granda showed Reuters includes screenshots from what Granda said was a FaceTime conversation he had with the Falwells in 2019. During that call, Granda said, Becki was naked as the two discussed their relationship while Jerry peeked from behind a door. Reuters was able to verify Granda’s description of the screenshots.

Granda also shared an audio recording that he says captures a conversation he had with the Falwells in 2018. In it, Becki complained about Granda describing his relationships with other people: “He’s like telling me every time he hooks up with people. Like I don’t have feelings or something.” Jerry then chimed in: “You’re going to make her jealous.” “I’m not trying to do that,” Granda replied.


If the Democrats only held one branch of government, which is preferred: WH, House or Senate?

just a scenario... say you wake up Nov 4th - to find the dems only won one - which is best?

Trump has used the word "hoax" 250 times this year. Any criticism of him is explained as "hoax"


Trump has used this word over 250 times this year
Reliable Sources

CNN's Brian Stelter and author Peter Pomerantsev examine the corrosive effects of President Trump's repeated use of the word "hoax" to describe any criticism of the President.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Can't Stop Liking Female Liberty Students IG Photos


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