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Member since: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 10:32 PM
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Video shows coyote chasing little girl in her Illinois front yard


Trump has tweeted 40 times in the last 24 hours

abused woman, found crawling in the grass, begs to be arrested in place of her husband

Previously released video of the immediate aftermath of the incident was obtained by TMZ and shows Danielle crawling in the grass along the side of the road as she attempted to catch her breath. It is unclear who is responsible for recording the incident.

Police on the scene noted that she was struggling to breathe when they got to her.

When she did catch her breath, Danielle immediately began defending her husband, insisting that he was 'sick' from history of concussions.

Ex-Redskins QB Mark Rypien 'told police he hit his wife...

Former Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien is arrested for domestic...

According to the police report, Danielle first asked a witness to call 911, but later begged officers not to arrest her husband, saying it could disrupt his charity, the Rypien Foundation.

'What do I have to say so that you arrest me and not him?' she asked officers.

A police body cam also recorded Danielle's pleas.

'You take this man to jail and you're hurting the whole community,' Danielle can be heard saying as she sobbed to police. 'He raises money for cancer and it will hurt his reputation in a way he can't come back from and I'm begging you.'


Arrested! Man in frightening attack on real estate agent


Man arrested after video shows attack on Los Angeles real estate agent at open house
In surveillance video of the assault, a man is seen shaking the woman's hand before shoving her to the ground and groping her.


A suspect was arrested following a frightening attack on a real estate agent in Encino that was captured on security camera video, Los Angeles police said Wednesday morning.

After video came to light of an open house visitor shoving a female real estate agent to the ground Sunday and then groping her, two other real estate agents indicated they recognize the man in the video as someone who had groped them while they were holding earlier open houses in Encino.

The suspect was identified by police as Alen Karaboghosian, 45, of Encino. He was arrested in the 5400 block of Lindley Avenue early Wednesday morning on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Karaboghosian had been under surveillance after residents came forward saying they recognized him, police said. Karaboghosian was arrested during a traffic stop as he was riding in a car with his parents, police said.

Karaboghosian's parents refused to comment on camera Wednesday morning about the allegations. They said they were driving him to the police station at the time of the traffic stop.


Arrested! Guy who set boxes on fire while homeless man was asleep in them

Homeless person set on fire by man who then photographed the aftermath


Los Angeles County police responding to an early morning rubbish fire later discovered a homeless man had been sleeping inside the burning boxes.

They also claim the alleged arsonist, 32-year-old Richard Smallets, knew there was someone inside the cardboard box he set afire. He even took photos as the homeless man poured bottle water on the flames before making a successful escape.

Kellyanne: Trump wasn't being corrupt, he was only testing Ukraine's new president


Kellyanne Conway on Safe Space News this morning: Trump wasn't being corrupt, he was only testing Ukraine's new president to see if he would do what Trump wanted.

Let me spell it out for you...


Kevin McCarthy's spending at Trump's properties increased 32,000 percent after trump elected



'It's going to be an enormous battle': Black college students fight for voting access in Texas

Black students fight for equal access to early voting in rural Texas
Students at the historically black Prairie View A&M University used to be required to complete “residency questionnaires” to prove their eligibility to vote. In the 1990s, some were arrested when they tried to cast ballots, on suspicion of improper voting. Some saw their power diluted when their campus was carved into three districts.

And last year, when county leaders scheduled fewer early-voting hours on the university campus than in whiter communities nearby, they spoke out.The disparity tapped into deep feelings of marginalization and anger over long-standing efforts to keep black voters from the polls.

“Waller County has a very long history of racism,” says political reporter Amy Gardner. “And so the setting and the scene for this particular story is quite fraught.”


Trump administration pushes UN to drop mentions of reproductive health from official documents

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