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An autistic student needed a quiet place to work. His desk was put in a bathroom stall


A school district in Washington state is facing criticism for putting an autistic student's desk in a bathroom stall after his mother said he needed a "quiet place" to do his best work.

Danielle Goodwin told CNN affiliate KOMO that she had discussed her 11-year-old son's special needs with his teacher. But when they showed up at Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham, Washington, this week, they found is desk in a bathroom stall, Goodwin said.
"I was stunned," she told the station Thursday. "I was so shocked I just took the picture because I didn't believe what I was seeing."
Goodwin did not respond to CNN's request for comment on Saturday, but she shared the picture on Facebook, showing her son's desk over the toilet, and his chair next to the bathroom sink.
She asked if he could work in the library and was told no, Goodwin said in the Facebook post. She was also told that "it was fine for him to be in there" because the school didn't use the space as a bathroom."
Her son also has an autoimmune disorder, Goodwin told KOMO, further highlighting why the suggestion he work in a bathroom was problematic.

watch two young guys scale Trump's wall like it's nothing


Stephen Miller gets someone to date him


HUD Secretary Ben Carson makes dismissive comments about transgender people, angering agency staff


Carson appeared in San Francisco as part of a large scale effort by the Trump administration to address homelessness in California. Carson’s comments in San Francisco were unprompted, the staffers said, arriving during a rambling hour-long speech about HUD initiatives that they described as “stream of consciousness.”

All three HUD employees in San Francisco, contacted and interviewed separately by The Washington Post, spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they feared retaliation. They said Carson prefaced his remarks about transgender people by saying he believed in fairness and equality, but not “special rights” for any class of people.

Carson said that "transgender people should get the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get to change things for everybody else,” according to one staffer who took notes during the meeting.

Carson followed by recounting conversations with shelter operators and women’s groups who told him that homeless women would be traumatized if “big, hairy men” walk into shelters identifying as women, according to the HUD staffers. Carson told the group single-sex shelters should have the discretion to turn away transgender people.

“That was the first time any of us heard him use such derogatory language,” one San Francisco staffer said. “He’s more tactful when he’s talking before Congress, whereas this sounded like a slur to me.”

Another staffer said: “The sentiment conveyed was these were not women, and they should not be housed in single-sex shelters -- like we shouldn’t force people to accept transgender people in this context because it makes other people uncomfortable.”


for drudgereport to have this headline, says something.

Clients were given the option of hiding the Trump name on helicopter shuttle

Air Force Pumped Money Into Trump’s Golf Resort As Helicopter Shuttle To Resort Flopped
Clients were given the option of hiding the Trump name on the Sikorsky helicopter in a bid to boost business, The Scotsman reported.



The U.S. Air Force was spending nearly $200,000 at President Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort as his own helicopter shuttle service to the club was failing, according to financial filings.

The Trump Organization’s DT Connect Europe Limited travel service registered at Turnberry was doing so poorly that it shipped its helicopter back to the U.S., The Scotsman reported.


Trump launched the DT Connect service with the ultra-luxe Sikorsky S-76B helicopter in 2014. He announced at the time it would “connect the three dots” of his two Scottish golf resorts as well as Doonbeg in Ireland.

But golf clients weren’t enough to keep the Sikorsky flying, so the helicopter was largely rented out for others to use, according to The Scotsman. But it’s now back in the U.S. and no longer registered in the United Kingdom, according to the newspaper — even though Trump Aviation still boasts of its fleet of three Sikorskys with one in Florida, New York and Scotland.

Trump’s 2018 financial disclosure listed the value of DT Connect in Turnberry as between $1 million and $5 million with a “rental income” of between $100,000 and $1 million. But according to business records filed with the UK, its most recent profit and loss reserves stood at a negative $120 million, which could mean the helicopter has been transferred out of the business.

The helicopter service became even less popular after Trump became president, The Scotsman reported. The director of a charter company that operated the Sikorsky for DT Connect said clients were eventually given the option to cover up the “Trump” name on the helicopter in a bid to boost business.

“In America, Trump is a brand,” Richard Stubbs of Cardinal Helicopter Services which had a contract to fly the Sikorsky, told The Scotsman. “Obviously over here, it’s the focus of people’s anger, sometimes, so we operated with or without the name.”

Woman Finds Injured Bobcat, Puts It in Car With Toddler 'This could have been tragic,' officials say

Woman Finds Injured Bobcat, Puts It in Car With Toddler
'This could have been tragic,' officials say

In this photo taken Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, an injured bobcat stares from the back of an SUV after a Colorado Springs, Colo., woman placed it in her car, just inches away from where her child was sitting in a safety seat. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife via AP)

Picking up wild animals is always a bad idea, wildlife officials say—and placing an injured bobcat next to your child is an especially bad idea. Parks and Wildlife officials in Colorado say a Colorado Springs woman was lucky her 3-year-old boy wasn't badly hurt or even killed by an adult male bobcat she spotted while driving, ABC reports. Officials say the woman picked up the mortally injured animal, wrapped it in a blanket, and placed it just inches away from her son's car seat in the back of her SUV before calling authorities. Officials say that when the woman called to ask what to do, they told her to get herself and the child out of the car immediately, the AP reports.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's office in the southeast of the state says that when wildlife officer Sarah Watson responded to the call, she found an unrestrained wild bobcat in the back of an SUV under a blanket." "The adult male bobcat was alert, hissing and growling, as Officer Watson secured it with a catch pole," the agency said in a tweet. "It struggled and swiped at her with its front claws. Upon examination, she saw the estimated 25-pound bobcat's rear legs were paralyzed so she humanely euthanized the animal." The animal, fortunately, "was too injured to react to being picked up and placed in a car," the agency said. "But no one should EVER try this. This could have been tragic."


Honduran mother, toddler drown trying to enter the US while waiting for immigration court hearing


Idalia Yamileth Herrera Hernandez grew increasingly desperate with her toddler in Mexico as they waited for weeks for their day in court. It never came.

Migrants cross the Rio Grande river (HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The Honduran mother died with her son, 21-month-old son, Iker Gael Cordova Herrera, while trying to cross the Rio Grande river into Texas, Nelly Jerez, the Honduran vice foreign minister of consular and migration affairs, said in a statement obtained by CNN.

Their bodies were recovered last week in an area near San Felipe Creek in Val Verde County after an “intensive search” by air and water, according to a US Customs and Border Protection spokesperson.

Jerez said the pair had recently entered the US and made a request for asylum but they were sent to Matamoros, Mexico, to wait for an immigration court hearing.

Homeless man and his dog reuniting is pure joy

Homeless man and his dog reuniting is pure joy

September 19, 2019
Despite being homeless on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, Anthony always put Bobo, his dog, first. When Bobo disappeared, it was unlikely that the pair would ever reunite. However, with the help of Memphis Animal Services, the lost dog was found and happily reunited with his dad, who broke down in tears seeing him again.

The animal hospital neutered, microchipped and vaccinated Bobo. They also gifted Anthony with a year’s supply of heartworm prevention, a bag of dog food, and other essentials to keep Bobo happy and healthy.


"Trump is simply unconcerned about anyone who isn't him"

Usually when someone dies, you follow the rule your mom taught you: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

President Donald Trump doesn't follow that rule. Asked about the passing of legendary journalist Cokie Roberts on Tuesday, here's what Trump said (in part):
"I never met her. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well. She was a professional, and I respect professionals."

So, yeah.

The first words out of his mouth when asked about someone's death was a) never met her and b) "she never treated me nicely." Me, Me, Me, Me, Me Me.

While all politicians -- and all people -- tend to see things through a how-does-this-impact-me lens, most of us understand that turning everything, especially someone else's death, into a conversation about ourselves is hugely selfish and narcissistic. It also reeks of a lack of empathy, an inability to step outside yourself and into another person's shoes for even a minute.
That Trump's first instinct when asked about the death of a prominent journalist would be to make it about himself and then use it as a piece of ammo in his long-running fight with the news media is, even for this president, a remarkable thing. And by remarkable, I mean revealing. Revealing in that it makes clear -- and, if you have been paying attention to the presidency it might well already be crystal clear to you -- that Trump is simply unconcerned about anyone who isn't him. He doesn't view the presidency as a position of moral leadership. He just does and says what he wants, when he wants.

That rejection of moral leadership -- of taking the high road, of understanding that you don't need to say everything you think -- is what makes Trump truly radical vis a vis the other men who have held the office of president. They tried -- and sometimes failed, but always tried -- to do what they believed to be the right thing, even if it wasn't what they wanted to do. Trump makes no attempt to do so. None.


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