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100K rural AZ residents lost internet and cell phone services for more than 48 hours

Turns out, someone shot up exposed fiber cables, knocking out communications for up to 100,000 people in Navajo and Apache counties for more than 48 hours between June 11 and 13.

The dayslong outage reminded people in the area just how easily cut off from civilization they can be. It made many feel forgotten and vulnerable.

Outages happen with regularity in the area and though often brief, the unreliability creates a safety issue, said Chief Lance Spivey of the St. Johns Police Department.

“You go from modern-day to the 1800s and you can’t do anything,” he said, adding that residents couldn't reach 911 during the recent outage.

“In Los Angeles, you ever hear of 911 going out?” he said. “I work in the valley (Phoenix) and I never heard of 911 not working. It's just tragic.”


Community rallies behind tamale vendor after racist taunts

North Carolina county orders museum to pull this photo

Gaston County, North Carolina’s County Manager Kim Eagle ordered the staff at the county operated and funded Gaston County Museum in Dallas, to remove a photograph showing two men kissing taken by Charlotte-based photographer Grant Baldwin at the 2019 Charlotte Pride removed.

The Charlotte Observer reported that museum staff ask Baldwin for a replacement “that would be more considerate of differing viewpoints in the community.”


misogyny on steroids... man goes on women beating rampage in Philadelphia

Alabama church shooting perp (killed 3) is 70 year old local gun dealer

A70-year-old registered gun dealer was charged with murder following a deadly church shooting that killed three people in Alabama.

Firearms dealer, 70, is charged with capital murder for killing two women aged 75 and 84 as well as man, 84, after showing up to 'Boomers Pot Luck' party at Alabama church he didn't attend

The suspect in the shooting deaths of three seniors at a church in the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills was named as Robert Findlay Smith, 70

Smith is a local firearms dealer who was previously accused of and acquitted of impersonating a police officer

The church, St Stephen's Episcopal, was hosting a 'Boomers Potluck' at the time of the shooting, according to their website
Cops said the gunman was attending the event at the time of the shooting
Smith was previously described as an 'occasional attendee of the church'
Police said a 'hero' Good Samaritan who also attended the event prevented more casualties by restraining the suspect at the scene holding him until cops arrived
Smith faces capital murder charges. He is being held without bond\


Lauren Boebert Misspells 'America' in Tweet on Preserving Country's Rights


Gallup: US Belief in God Hits a New Low - especially among young, liberal and democrat


Gallup: US Belief in God Hits a New Low
Church attendance has been decling faster than Americans' belief in God.

(NEWSER) – The last five years has apparently taken a big toll on Americans' belief in God—especially among the young, the liberal, and Democrats. Gallup says that in its latest poll, a new low of 81% of Americans said they believed in God, down from 87% in 2017 and from a solid 98% throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Belief fell among every category of people Gallup spoke to, by more than 10% among Democrats, liberals, and adults 18 to 29, but by only 1% among Republicans and married people. Belief in God among women fell from 90% to 83%, according to Gallup. Among men, it fell from 83% to 80%.

Gallup says it has asked Americans about their belief in God in several ways over the years, sometimes phrasing it as belief in "God or a universal spirit." The pollsters say the highest proportion of people express belief in God when it is phrased as a yes/no question. The proportion dipped significantly when respondents were given the option of saying they were unsure—and even more when they were asked if they were "convinced" that God exists. In the most recent poll, around half of those who said they believed in God said they believe God hears prayers and can intervene.

Other polls have found that while belief in a higher being has been gradually falling over the years, traditional religion is declining a lot faster, the Hill reports. Last year, Gallup said church membership had fallen below 50% for the first time to a record low of 47%, with numbers dropping sharply even among those who described themselves as religious. Gallup says confidence in organized religion has also dropped, "suggesting that the practice of religious faith may be changing more than basic faith in God."

character actor Philip Baker Hall dies at age 90 of emphysema (library cop on Seinfeld)



Philip Baker Hall didn't make his first on-screen acting appearance until he was almost 40, but the Army veteran made up for lost time and worked constantly in film and television for the next five decades. Hall died from complications of emphysema at age 90 on June 12, 2022.

After high school in Toledo, Ohio, Hall served in the Army as a translator in Germany before returning home to work as a school teacher. He gave Hollywood a shot after he turned 30 and did theater for a few years before he got his break in films.

Once things took off for Hall, he became a go-to actor whenever directors wanted a gravelly voiced man who could project authority, grumpiness or sometimes both.

He made appearances in television shows like "M*A*S*H," "Good Times," "The Waltons," "Quincy, M.E.," "Cagney & Lacey," "T.J. Hooker," "Miami Vice," "Family Ties," "Falcon Crest," "Murder, She Wrote, and "Cheers" before the movies discovered his talents.

He made memorable appearances as authority figures in films like "Air Force One," "Say Anything," Ghostbusters II," "The Truman Show," "Rush Hour," "The Insider," "Zodiac" and "Argo." Younger viewers may remember him as neighbor Walt Kleezak on "Modern Family."

MN man tried to keep his 47 cats while homeless

Some 47 cats have been rescued from a car parked in sweltering heat, animal welfare workers have said.

The cats had been living in the vehicle with their owner, who had recently become homeless but did not want to leave the animals behind.

They were found in the car while it was parked at a rest area in the US state of Minnesota.

Temperatures in the area climbed to 32C (90F) on Tuesday - the day when the cats were rescued. Inside the car, it would have been much hotter.

Despite the heat, most of the cats - which range in age from less than a year to more than 12 - had only minor medical issues.

Ashley Pudas, an investigator at the Animal Humane Society, said: "Unfortunately, with the heat yesterday he recognised that it was above and beyond what he was capable of at this time.

"And he let us help them out."

The owner had been living with the cats for a while but he had not left them alone. He had previously given up 14 other cats that had been living in the car.

Once the 47 cats have been examined and treated, they will be sterilised and made available for adoption.


Harmony Montgomery's Family Told To 'Prepare For The Worst' As FBI Remove Fridge From Father's Home


Harmony Montgomery’s family received a harrowing update on the missing child on Tuesday.

After the latest update given by investigators, Harmony's loved ones are reportedly preparing for the worst.

Harmony has not been seen since October 2019 but, due to several errors, was not reported missing until the end of 2021.

Her father, Adam Montgomery, has been arrested on charges related to her disappearance but, as of yet, police have not discovered what happened to Harmony.

His estranged wife, Kayla, was also arrested for collecting food stamp benefits after Harmony had already disappeared.

Officials were spotted moving a refrigerator covered in biohazard tape out of the Manchester, New Hampshire home where Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s biological father, and his estranged wife Kayla once lived.

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