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Dr Vegas

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Member since: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 06:17 PM
Number of posts: 456

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Win A Copy Of 'Raise Hell: The Life & Times Of Molly Ivins' DVD RedCarpetCrash December 12, 2019

You can win a DVD of this:


Our job is not to bring justice to Mr. Trump. Our job is to bring Mr. Trump to justice.

My Spin/Variation of a line that was spoken on tonight's FBI (which is a spinoff for a new show "FBI Most Wanted"

Tonight is the Series/Season Finale of Madame Secretary

10pm EST



So I got a email from Steve Eichler of the TEAPARTYPAC.ORG <news@teapartypac.org>
(610 S. Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606)

asking/begging me for money.

I replied that HOW DARE They send this to me and I asked how they got my email address..,

I am not expecting an answer

I've been down this road before with "Homemakers for America"

Watching METV

they have gone through their M.A.S.H. syndication and have restarted with the first season this week.
The first season really pushed the envelope about important issues. After that the series became one long laugh track.
Although I really like the episodes with Dr. Sidney Freeman, which showed a side of war that is not often talked about.

Madame Secretary (Tonight's)

Don't Miss it..,

Eagles to host plesantville-camden game that was interrupted by shooting


Madame Secretary (Tonight's)

This is how a President should address the Correspondents Dinner...,
Too Bad it's just a TV Show Too Bad


I know I posted about this film before, and a few were hesitant to see it. I finally was able to drag my ass to see it and I found it highly entertaining and really recommend it. Yes it's is very emotional entertaining, with a shocking scene at towards the end, but it's worth a watch.

The young boy is amazing and should be up for honors during the Award Season. The interactions between him and his mother are very touching. The Director also wrote AND played Hitler (as JoJO imaginary friend) so you should be up for several awards at Award Season.

The ending contains a redeeming two shot punch. JoJo final rejection of his imaginary friend, and him dancing with his Jewish friend.
Earlier JoJO asks the Jewish Girl (that his Mother was hiding at their house) what would be the first thing she would do if she was free.
She replied that she would dance. As the Americans come into town JoJo takes the young jewish girl out into the street. She starts swaying to the music in her head. JoJO starts moving with her and David Bowie's German version of "HEROES" starts playing.
The scene brought tears to my eyes and I was one of the few the audience that clapped.

Pete Buttigieg's Disability Plan

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